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One Small Change


"I would increase the pay rises."
Graduate, Newport
"Pay and promotion guidelines should be published and a roadmap created."
Entry level, Glasgow
"Improve communication between director-level staff and graduates to allow for a better understanding of the company's direction."
Graduate, Croydon
"Be more open about changes and ask the teams for input."
Mid level, Brighton
"More transparency around pay rises and promotions."
Graduate, Bristol
"Provide more opportunities for people from different offices to come together and learn from each other. Mott MacDonald is a large company and there is so much going on that people don't know about. It feels like our own experience and technical excellence is a resource yet to be tapped into."
Mid level, Newport
"Hold monthly meetings at a divisional level to discuss how the business is operating and what the plans for the future are."
Mid level, Brighton
"Greater recognition and accountability for good and bad performances respectively."
Entry level, London
"More engagement with senior management."
Mid level, Sheffield
"Let junior staff become shareholders."
Mid level, London


"My manager giving me more direction."
Graduate, Croydon
"A greater effort to introduce new graduates to the company on a social level."
Graduate, Cambridge
"Allow anyone to buy shares in the company when they work here. Maybe make it based on the time worked here rather than on pay level."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"Rotate graduates around different roles and projects more often in order to speed up their route towards chartership."
Graduate, London
"More focused induction training, as opposed to having multiple training programmes played on a screen one after another."
Graduate, Cardiff
"Adjust the agile working system so that desks do not have to be cleared if you are in the office the next day."
Graduate, Cambridge
"More of an integration between Mott MacDonald offices and client offices to which employees are seconded."
Graduate, Peterborough
"Greater mobility between teams in the early stages of a career when people may be uncertain of what they're most interested in."
Graduate, Glasgow


"I would have liked more direction from the outset and less waiting around to be involved in projects."
Graduate, London
"I think the company should have a set training scheme for graduates as currently I have to look for courses myself that would be relevant."
Graduate, Croydon
"I think there should be a better structured training programme and more rotations through divisions."
Graduate, Newcastle
"A slightly more structured programme would be ideal but I am perfectly aware that within consultancy, that may not be possible."
Graduate, Croydon
"I would have appreciated a bit more guidance in terms of what I should have been doing early on."
Graduate, Sheffield
"I think it would be useful to have more formalised training."
Graduate, London
"The company should introduce dedicated graduate mentors as well as structured progression programmes to identify ways in which to move forward."
Graduate, London
"I would have the company offer the ability to rotate between departments for a month or so, to gain experiences within the business areas other than your main focus."
Graduate, Croydon
"I would encourage the company to increase the face-to-face training with an experienced worker and give more responsibilities from the beginning of the programme."
Graduate, Brighton
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