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7.1 / 10

(based on 66 ratings in 2018)


"You get two pay rises a year for the first three years, then it becomes annual. Pay rises are larger than I thought they would be. I get the impression that it's a good salary by talking to graduate friends. It's not actuary money, but the job is a lot more fun."
Graduate, Manchester
"I think it's above industry average for graduates and definitely above some of the competitors I've heard of. Expenses are provided where appropriate, which covers travel if you're based away from the office. However, there is the issue of the graduate wage being set across the UK. This means that you're essentially being paid less if you're in London compared to those outside of London (more accurately, your money doesn't go as far). Some companies offer London allowances to address this, but Motts doesn't."
Graduate, London
"I think the remuneration is competitive but it probably is not at the top of the scale."
Mid level, Newport
"It isn't the highest in the marketplace. That said, it isn't low enough for me to see it as a big enough reason to move company at the moment either."
Mid level, Newport
"I believe my salary is on par with other companies offering the same role in this area."
Experienced, Exeter
"The salary is not particularly high but flexibility and other areas help to make up for it."
Environment, Entry level, London
"The pay is good for graduates. That said, everyone does quite a lot of unpaid overtime so it cancels out to a degree."
Graduate, Cambridge
"I find my pay decent but I have been made aware that it is less than some competitors pay their graduate employees."
Graduate, Cardiff
"The salary is representative of the market rates. However, the package could be better. For example, the company car and phones are not given until you're a lot higher up within the company."
Mid level, Sheffield
"It pays reasonably well and you receive regular pay rises and an annual bonus depending on company performance."
Mid level, Cambridge


"The salary I receive at Motts is much higher than at firms of a comparable size in the same industry."
Graduate, London
"It is very generous and competitive compared to other graduate roles of a similar nature."
Graduate, Manchester
"Our salary is very fair and competitive with other major companies."
Graduate, Glasgow
"It's a reasonable amount, better than average."
Graduate, Croydon
"The pay is generous for a graduate position and we get good pension contributions."
Graduate, Cardiff
"It's competitive for the industry and there are pay reviews every six months for the first three years."
Graduate, Birmingham
"I have been working with Mott MacDonald for a year and a half and have received a bonus and two pay rises. I am very happy with my remuneration."
Graduate, Peterborough


"Starting salary for a graduate is decent but I am not aware of bonuses and unsure of the prospect of my salary increasing in the near future."
Graduate, Croydon
"Pay and bonuses are not something which is discussed with staff. I have found that there are limited opportunities to discuss pay and the reasoning behind pay is not transparent."
Graduate, Brighton
"Pay is adequate and sufficient, although a flat graduate salary applies across the whole of the UK for my department, and so those living in areas where the cost of living is higher will be worse off than those in cheaper areas. Glasgow is one of the latter, so I do believe I am paid an appropriate amount. Pay increases based on loyalty to company (number of years worked) and overall company performance."
Graduate, Glasgow
"I think they pay well for my level. I haven't got any bonuses. I think you are rewarded as such at higher levels as you are allowed to have shares in the company."
Midlevel, London
"At the moment my pay is average for the engineering sector however I believe there will be opportunities for it to increase soon."
Graduate, Derby
"I would say that pay for graduates could be higher in comparison to similar firms."
Graduate, Reading
"The pay is good for a graduate, but it seems that it can be hard to progress and be promoted in such a large company, so you can be stuck at the same pay grade for a while if you don't show special merit."
Graduate, London
"The pay is fair for my current experience however some other companies do offer more. The benefits that Mott offer really bring the value of the package up and the professional development investment the company has made is very valuable to me."
Graduate, Manchester
"Pay for graduates is competitive though a little lower than some other companies within the sector but there are regular opportunities to have pay reviews for three years while on the grad scheme and if you can justify it then you can get a pay rise. Bonuses are being brought back into the company apparently after a while without them but honestly I do not know a lot about this."
Graduate, Croydon
"In my experience the pay offer is competitive but bonuses are not generally given to junior staff."
Graduate, Southampton
"In my opinion pay does not always increase in line with further responsibilities. If you start at a low base it is often difficult to increase this if you progress quickly."
Midlevel, Norwich
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