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Satisfaction with Work

7.6 / 10

(based on 66 ratings in 2018)


"I'm very satisfied most of the time. I spend the majority of my working time solving problems (usually logic-based puzzles to manipulate data). I rarely get assigned the same thing twice and, when it does happen, I get to take a more supervisory role."
Graduate, Manchester
"I am client based and direct my own work completely with my team. I am able to recruit and grow my team as the work expands. The challenges are many and I work very closely with my client to resolve these."
Experienced, London
"My current role involves managing a large water resources framework with a number of small projects. I spend my time managing the programme and budgets, liaising with the project teams and the client and ensuring our internal processes are adhered to. I've grown into the role as I started in the company supporting the programme manager and have picked up more responsibility throughout the projects."
Mid level, Cambridge
"The quality of work assigned to me is of a very high standard and the projects I'm involved with are of national and international significance. You do have to understand that every big job requires some 'donkey work' and you're often the one doing it when you start out."
Graduate, Cambridge
"My desk-based work consists of either modelling or hand calculations for foundations or earth retaining structures, or reports. Outside of the office my job consists of site supervision where I provide technical support to ground investigations that comprise drilling or digging in the ground and logging what comes out. The work varies on a daily to weekly basis, but there are some longer-running jobs."
Graduate, Bristol
"Every day is unique as my activities range from writing specifications, carrying out calculations and coordinating design drawing development to visiting sites, talking to suppliers and subcontractors, and supporting our colleagues working on site. As a project lead, I need to make sure project costs are managed and timelines are adhered to, which can be very challenging in a lot of situations."
Mid level, Newport
"The projects I work on are extremely rewarding and challenging. I have been leading the master planning inputs on multimillion pound developments that will change the landscape and skyline of Cambridge for generations to come."
Experienced, Cambridge
"I lead the environmental inputs on projects and work with environmental specialists and design teams to ensure the schemes deliver our clients' objectives while ensuring the environment is protected and enhanced wherever possible."
Environment, Experienced, Cambridge
"I am involved with the interesting parts of many different projects around the world as a technical expert. I get the opportunity to travel to a variety of countries and to present conference papers and give presentations as well as provide training for younger engineers in my field. I get the chance to carry out technically challenging work and sometimes provide innovative solutions to help my colleagues solve or design out hydraulic issues. I learn something new every day; either about my own field or from colleagues working in other disciplines."
Experienced, Cambridge
"The work I do is interesting and can be varied. However, it is important to be vocal about the type of work that you want to do. The work I do is a combination of technical work, report writing and project management."
Mid level, Cambridge


"The quality of work I'm assigned is excellent and very interesting. It mostly involves the geotechnical engineering design of various infrastructure projects."
Graduate, Altrincham
"I've been given a lot of responsibility from the start, which is great."
Graduate, Cardiff
"I get a mixture of office-based work, where I'm compiling and preparing data for engineering projects, and site work that includes supervising ground investigation or foundation construction."
Graduate, Croydon
"It's really good. My team works on smaller jobs rather than very large ones, which means that there is more variety within my day-to-day work. I do lots of structural calculations based on Eurocodes, as well as computer modelling of the structures to calculate design loads and bending moments etc for structural design and assessment. I co-ordinate computer-aided design technicians and work closely with other engineers and architects."
Graduate, Southampton
"My daily routine varies between writing reports, conducting data analysis and conducting client consultations across the country."
Graduate, Manchester
"I manage asset data for Network Rail and Highways England on a daily basis. The work is very interesting and it's a good balance between research and project work."
Graduate, Croydon
"I am seconded to Anglian Water and am currently working as a civil engineer on their largest project (the upgrade of an existing water treatment works). This has given me the chance to quickly increase my technical skills as well as my personal skills, as I have had the chance to work with a variety of other disciplines as well as the operational staff. There have been a great number of challenges along the way and overcoming these has helped me to develop as an engineer."
Graduate, Peterborough
"I am very satisfied with the fact that, from day one, I have been assigned to a project. This has allowed me to focus my attention and make real improvements as opposed to picking up small or mundane tasks."
Graduate, London


"I am predominantly in a supportive role at this early stage in my career, gaining relevant experience in a wide range of hydro projects. My responsibilities include: report writing, performance modelling, bidding for new work, due diligence, document control and learning new skills required to further myself and Mott MacDonald."
Graduate, Brighton
"This job is heavily report-writing based, so your ability to write a technical report improves significantly from an early stage in your career. My particular role is quite niche, and so workload can be quite low which can be frustrating, but for the majority of graduates workload is generally always there."
Graduate, Glasgow
"My roles and responsibilities are clear. It is up to the individual to push themselves which is good, and the support and encouragement to do this is second to none. The opportunities available to work right beside the client are invaluable."
Midlevel, Reading
"I cover a broad range of activities from due diligence and technical advisory to detailed design. The work covers airports of every size in the UK and overseas. Responsibilities involve supporting due diligence reports, obstacle limitation studies and airfield design, but to name a few."
Graduate, London
"I work on administrating property development projects. My day-to-day includes meetings, writing meeting minutes, following up actions, scheduling, programming, issuing instructions, etc."
Entry level, London
"I have a lot of responsibilities, even at an early stage. My day-to-day activities are crucial to project work."
Graduate, York
"I am responsible for many design elements for a number of water and wastewater projects across London and the South coast."
Graduate, Reading
"My responsibilities include: maintaining a high-level of performance; keeping my project managers up-to-date with my progress and maintaining contact with clients. Personally ensure I maintain my own development by looking out for courses to attend."
Graduate, Altrincham
"My role as a graduate within the company means that my responsibilities are generally just for my own work. I report to project managers as well as my line manager who make sure that I am on track and provide any support that I may require."
Graduate, Birmingham
"I am responsible for designing electrical systems on the railway infrastructure. I carry out visual surveys to update drawings, write reports, specifications and liaise with client, engineers from other companies and installers."
Graduate, Altrincham, Manchester
"As a new starter, I assist senior engineers with collecting relevant information, producing AutoCAD drawings and summary spreadsheets. I also attended training sessions to learn project-specific skills."
Graduate, Greater London
"I am given a variety of different types of work to complete day-to-day. This includes design work/calculations, report writing, invoicing and other tasks. The variety of different tasks are engaging and challenging, helping me to broaden my experience as an engineer."
Graduate, Aberdeen
"As a graduate I have been involved in a wide variety of projects and have been able to do significantly more design than I had anticipated. There is also project admin to do, this is less interesting but still a very important part of the process and a good learning opportunity!"
Graduate, Bristol
"I was very much thrown in at the deep end and had to learn quickly. I have been given a lot of responsibility early on and now form part of a five person project team. My main responsibilities include producing designs and drawings and liaising with other departments on the same project."
Graduate, Sheffield
"My main role is to produce and manage sustainability appraisals, strategic environmental assessments and environmental assessments. I also assist with undertaking sustainability assessments and facilitating stakeholder workshops for infrastructure projects."
Graduate, Leeds
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