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(based on 65 ratings in 2018)


"Training budgets are generous so you can apply to go on relevant training courses that you pick yourself, as well as there being a structured graduate training programme. On the graduate programme, there are two residential trips where you have two-day training courses in things such as skills to succeed in consultancy."
Graduate, Croydon
"I've been on a number of internal courses as part of my graduate scheme (ie a graduate development weekend and unconscious bias training). The firm regularly schedules mandatory training as part of the scheme, where you have the chance to mingle with other graduates from across the country."
Graduate, Croydon
"The graduate weekend gives you general training on how to act in a business, how best to interact with clients and how to drive yourself to improve constantly. There are various training programmes throughout the graduate scheme to cover most bases."
Graduate, Cardiff
"The company has a Mott MacDonald Academy that delivers training programmes periodically, including a graduate weekend that's a great place to meet graduates from other offices. These programmes focus mostly on soft skills such as teamwork and dealing with unconscious bias. There are also online modules that train graduates in business processes. There is little in the way of formal training in technical skills, which are mostly picked up informally from on-the-job experience."
Graduate, Croydon, London
"There is a large database of online training available for those keen to excel at a particular skill or simply to know more about a topic. The Mott MacDonald Academy is a four-year training programme for early career professionals that includes a combination of face-to-face workshops, online presentations and discussion groups. Topics include: project management, communication and presentation skills."
Mid level, Newport
"Mott MacDonald has an online training facility in place as well as formal external training. If there is a cost involved it will have to be justified and help to improve the company when completed."
Experienced, Exeter
"We have an in-house training department that develops a very wide range of training to suit staff of all levels. As one might anticipate, there are significant opportunities for training for staff in the earlier years of their careers."
Environment, Experienced, Cambridge
"Motts places all graduates on the graduate scheme, which involves certain training and weekends away. Day to day, we have online learning, which has compulsory modules and also ones that you can sign yourself up to. I have picked up report writing, presentation skills, people management and project management."
Graduate, Cardiff
"The graduate scheme is good and aids graduate development. However, more specific training needs can be harder to fulfil."
Mid level, Sheffield
"Training opportunities are often something you only get if you are vocal about them. Even then, it can often be quite difficult to get management to agree to them. Also, even though we are told that there is a training budget available, there is little transparency as to how much this actually is."
Graduate, Leeds


"I have been on the graduate training programme, which is a good introduction to Mott MacDonald for grads and starts with a weekend away with your peers. This then continues, at intervals, over three years and includes generic training on things such as stress, asking for feedback and managing time, which I think is helpful when you need to take a step back from your project work and look at the bigger picture. Specific informal training is ongoing and is added to with every new project so I feel that my skills are constantly developing."
Graduate, Leeds
"I had the chance to attend several internal training courses, both technical and non-technical (eg communication and soft skills etc), as well as external training on things such as health and safety and Institution of Civil Engineers courses."
Graduate, London
"There are lots of online training videos (some quite corporate, others more relevant) and I've been enrolled on a 20-week lecture series about transport, which has been paid for by the company. It will give me a wide overview of the industry. Training has been largely on the job and I've picked up GIS and Excel skills."
Graduate, Manchester
"The training is very thorough and additional online packs are well supported by the company."
Graduate, Southampton
"The initial learning and mandatory training are well organised. However, I've only had limited training that's directly related to my job."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Motts are great at getting you onto various training programmes, if you suggest something you have heard of the company is likely to encourage you to join. It also sets up mentors for the main qualification you're working towards and there are many to choose from."
Graduate, Cardiff
"There are a lot of online training modules as well as some Skype and classroom training. These are for safety awareness, some commonly used software and the company's values and ethics. The online training modules usually take about two or three days to complete while the Skype and classroom sessions are quite widely spread."
Graduate, Bristol
"The training that is available to us as graduates is a three-year graduate course in which we are able to undertake courses to develop the softer skills required for business, including how to take and give constructive criticism and how to set goals. These are interactive sessions. There is also an internal learning system called Learning Point where we can access tons of technical and soft-skill courses as well as enroll on day courses."
Graduate, Peterborough


"Formal training is good, though I think a stronger focus is on a "learn by doing" approach with support from project managers, which has increased my confidence."
Graduate, Cambridge
"Starter training programmes involve a series of online classes and courses that must be completed. These have to do with the company and its ethos as well as health and safety."
Graduate, Croydon
"Although the training programmes are very helpful you will gain most of your skills from colleges teaching you things from experience. It is a really good environment to learn new things if you are around the right people."
Entry level, London
"There is limited formal technical training which disappointed me. There is though informal training on-the-job. Staff are keen to allow graduates opportunities to learn. Much for the formal learning has been limited to soft skills and financial management."
Graduate, Brighton
"In my area of the business we are enrolled on to a formal graduate scheme for four years when we start at the company. In addition, there are a range of training opportunities that we can uptake."
Graduate, Birmingham
"There is graduate academy which has a yearly training course on aspects such as communication and project management. Various other online courses are also available."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"Funding is definitely available, but down side is you have to take the initiative when trying to find opportunities (which can be a hassle when you're busy)."
Graduate, Cambridge
"There are lots of courses focusing on the internal management system of the business and technologies available. Courses have made me more productive, however I would like more access to learning courses that could increase my engineering knowledge base or more specialist training."
Graduate, Bristol
"The company offers various training schemes accredited by a variety of professional institutions. It is structured well, led by you and your own initiative, and provides ample opportunity to learn from senior ranks or those who are just a year or two ahead of you."
Graduate, Croydon
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