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"The reputation of the firm combined with the high-quality training scheme offered."
Graduate, Croydon
"It's one of only a few teams that work within the civil asset management field. The friendly staff and interesting project work throughout the company also convinced me as it allows for work on a range of large and complex tasks."
Graduate, Croydon
"Mott MacDonald is one of the biggest companies within the sector and I have always had positive experiences with it throughout my careers events and uni presentations."
Graduate, Glasgow
"As a large employee-owned company, it has an extra drive to look after its employees rather than just creating a big bottom line for external shareholders."
Graduate, Norwich
"The company works in sectors that I want to work in and seems to be able to offer a variety of projects and locations to work from, with lots of opportunity to develop my career how I want to. I applied to the usual competitors too but this was the offer I really wanted. I've had colleagues in previous jobs that used to work for MM and they'd impressed me. My short spell of work experience confirmed that I felt comfortable here."
Graduate, Cambridge
"There's the opportunity to specialise in modelling from day one. I also liked the structure and positive reviews of the graduate scheme as a whole and was impressed by the benefits (the retirement fund in particular)."
Graduate, Cardiff
"The global outlook and long history give the company a rich corporate memory from which to learn and improve upon. The multinational and large nature of the company also allows it to bid for large projects, even outside the country that your office resides in. The company values are very much aligned with my own and the company's eagerness to adopt the latest technology makes its approach to delivering projects exciting. The company also does a lot of work in emerging and developing economies, which also interested me."
Graduate, Croydon, London
"It's a good graduate scheme with a good starting salary. The company had a positive reputation and had worked on major projects."
Graduate, Cardiff
"Great job opportunities and a number of international opportunities."
Mid level, Edinburgh
"The reputation of the company and the prestigious graduate programme it offers."
Graduate, Newport


"I knew other people who worked for the company and told me how great it was."
Graduate, Glasgow
"I really liked the employee-owned aspect of the company and the job was in Scotland, which is where I am from. They do a lot of charity and outreach work, which I have always wanted to be more involved in."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"It has good rankings across job boards, good reviews online and excellent reviews on the company website."
Graduate, Cardiff
"Mott MacDonald has a great reputation within the industry and has done a lot of work to promote excellence in its roles with clients. I also had university lecturers who highly recommended the company."
Graduate, Norwich
"This is one of the only graduate transport roles where I could specialise in transport modelling. The company also has offices throughout the world and moving offices is possible."
Graduate, Cardiff
"Mott MacDonald is a well known and respected company throughout the industry. The biggest factor for me applying here is that it was listed highly in the industry on a job website that I found through my research."
Graduate, Peterborough
"The culture of the company and fact that the company employees are shareholders."
Graduate, Bristol
"Some companies in the sector that I work in have received a bad reputation for either carrying out unethical work or focusing on private motives as opposed to public benefits. Motts is not like this. If work is not beneficial or ethical, we will not bid for it. I was enticed to work at a company where I knew, without any doubt, that I was making a positive impact to the wider community."
Graduate, London


"I chose Mott MacDonald because it is a global, multi-disciplinary consultancy based in Glasgow who worked on major projects."
Graduate, Glasgow
"I applied to MottMac because of the structure of the graduate scheme and the possibility to secure professional qualification."
Graduate, Manchester
"The company is one of the leaders in its field in terms of construction and consulting through various fields. I applied here because wanted to be involved in prestigious projects on an international scale."
Entry level, London
"I applied here because of the wide range of sectors that Mott MacDonald is involved in. Specifically, their vast experience in renewable technologies."
Graduate, Brighton
"Mott MacDonald has a great work ethic, it treats its employees well and encourages learning through work."
Graduate, Bristol
"The diversity of the sectors that Mott MacDonald operates in is rare. Within each sector, there is a vast array of divisions that can be experienced through the graduate rotation programme. The company is also very keen to get their engineers Chartered and so have a solid training and development scheme to push for it as soon as possible."
Graduate, Derby
"MottMac is a prestigious and ethical company which works on exciting projects with accredited training schemes which gives me plenty of opportunities to develop my career."
Graduate, Bristol
"Once I started working as an intern at Mott MacDonald I knew that the work being carried out in my division was the work that I wanted to do. There are a large number of opportunities to get out of the office and visit sites you're working on. Hearing about the graduate training scheme and the involvement managers and directors take in your development made me realise that getting chartered status would be made much easier with a strong team supporting."
Graduate, Glasgow
"I chose my company for the variety of challenging work which I would be given on a day-to-day basis and because from researching the company, I liked how it was structured and was interested in the work which the company has been involved with on a larger scale."
Graduate, Aberdeen
"I chose Mott MacDonald because of its international status, personally I would love to end up working and potentially living abroad and with Mott MacDonald I can do that and keep with the same company."
Entry level, London
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