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Mott MacDonald

Mott MacDonald

Employee profile

Momchil Balgarinov

Assistant commercial manager

Why did you decide to apply to Mott MacDonald?

During my final year at university while I was looking for my first graduate role, Mott MacDonald came highly recommended by my personal tutor, someone I have a lot of respect for. I did a bit of digging about the history and the current position of the company and was very impressed by its portfolio. After attending a recruitment event at the Royal Institue of Chartered Surveyors' headquarters, I was inspired by how proud they were to be part of an organisation which is renown all around the globe.


What did your friends and family think when you accepted the position?

My friends are very impressed with the position and responsibilities I am currently taking. Prior to commencing my employment with the company my family and friends knew the name Mott MacDonald only from the mainstream media. Since joining Mott MacDonald, I have been given the opportunity to understand the positive and life changing impact the company has in the tremendous number of countries around the globe it operates in. After sharing some of my knowledge and experience with my family I am confident to say that my family, especially my mum are very proud of me joining Mott MacDonald.


What has been your favourite moment since joining?

My favourite moment since joining Mott MacDonald was the moment I was brought into the client facing environment I am currently working in. I was introduced to the client’s project team and I instantly felt very proud to be representing Mott MacDonald. Since then we have built a very strong relationship which is reflected in our performance. 


What has been the most exciting project you’ve contributed to?

So far, I have been directly involved with only two major projects. The first project I was assigned to, was the Northern Line Extension in London. The main aspects of the project are to extend the Northern line to Battersea which will help regenerate the Vauxhall, Nine Elms and Battersea areas, supporting 25,000 new jobs and more than 20,000 new homes. I was part of a team providing commercial support to the designers’ project manager.  The second major project I was allocated to and I am currently part of is within the portfolio of the smart motorway projects programme, developed and managed by Highways England. The purpose of the programme is to use a technology-driven approach for our motorways, which will increase capacity and relieve congestion while maintaining safety. Smart motorways help make journey times more reliable. I am currently part of a team providing commercial management and assurance services to Highways England on one of the schemes within the programme.


Was the role what you expected, or was there anything unexpected that you really enjoy?

The role is more than I expected, and I am enjoying every moment of it. Aside from the fact I get to learn from highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals while being given the opportunity to apply my knowledge to the services we provide to the client, I also get the chance to think outside the box and collaborate in debates on significant matters. I find it very stimulating and I am thankful to my managers for giving me such opportunities.


What is your work/life balance like?

We as a team have developed a wellbeing register which we regularly review and enhance if we see fit. It is a simple to fill in form which helps us capture and monitor not only how we behave and feel at work but in our private life as well. The work team I am part of is very friendly and we often socialise outside work. We also monitor our working hours on a weekly basis making sure no one is overworked and everyone has time for their family and private affairs.


Tell us a bit more about you. Do you have an interesting fun fact about yourself/party trick?

I am well known by my colleagues as a foodie person. I don’t really have a party trick but they often come for advice when it comes to local restaurant recommendations.  Also, I am a bit of geek when it comes to history and geography. Sport also plays a significant part in my daily life.


What advice would you give to someone applying to Mott MacDonald?

To someone who is interested in applying for a job with Mott MacDonald I would firstly recommend to do a bit of reading about the history and current state of the company. Get familiar with the core values are and make sure they align or relate to your own. Be open. Don't be afraid to speak your mind at the interview stage and be yourself. You will be that person for the rest of your employment with Mott MacDonald. Do not be afraid to speak with managers higher up the chain, these are the people you will eventually work with. Finally, but not lastly, do not postpone your application, you can be reassured it is a great company to work for.