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Why did you decide to apply to Mott MacDonald?

In applying for the position I was excited at the prospect of working on the most challenging and interesting projects in the UK, made available only through a leading engineering consultancy. Not only was I eager to apply for the program because of the experience I would ultimately gain, but I was also interested in the structure of the four year graduate program. One essential component of this program is that I am provided access to a chartered mentor who would help develop my career towards becoming a chartered engineer.


What did your friends and family think when you accepted the position?

My family could tell how excited I was to be offered a position with Mott MacDonald to launch my career as an electrical engineer and were very proud of me.


What has been your favourite moment since joining?

To launch the graduate program, all new graduates are given the opportunity to attend a welcoming event to provide further insights into the company and the program. I found this event to be fantastic in allowing me to meet fellow starting graduates in a casual setting. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and was able to learn about all the interesting projects that Mott MacDonald were involved in from fellow graduates.


What has been the most exciting project you’ve contributed to?

I have been lucky to have worked on a wide variety of projects during my time as an electrical design engineer in the railway division. The highlight for me so far has been working on a major East Coast Mainline project. Not only has this been a prestigious project for Mott MacDonald to design, but due to the complexity of the project and the importance of the railway line, I have been presented with exciting challenges. This work has required full 3D BIM modelling and multidisciplinary design that has exposed me to non-electrical knowledge that would not have been available on a smaller project.


Was the role what you expected, or was there anything unexpected that you really enjoy?

As a starting graduate I had initially expected to be given smaller tasks to complete due to my minimal knowledge of the railways. However from the start of my graduate program I was entrusted to contribute to larger projects by quickly being brought up to speed by knowledgeable members of my team who were more than happy to help. This has meant that the work has always been interesting and I have learnt a considerable amount in a short space of time.


What is your work/life balance like?

During my time with Mott MacDonald it has been wonderful to see the high priority placed on the wellbeing of staff. By involving myself in the sports and social program I have been able to take part in a variety of activities outside of work, including lunches, dinners, go-karting and table tennis. These activities have been beneficial in forming close friendships with colleagues outside of work, while providing a chance to relax. I have found Mott MacDonald to be a very understanding employer, ensuring that a work/life balance is easily attainable.


Tell us a bit more about you. Do you have an interesting fun fact about yourself/party trick?

As an avid lover of all things technology I have had a keen interest in many obscure hobbies over the years. One of which that not many people know, is that I was able to achieve some success at running a YouTube channel containing short videos that I created, packed full of special effects.


What advice would you give to someone applying to Mott MacDonald?

Due to the large scale of Mott MacDonald, there are electrical engineers across a wide range of sectors. I had never considered a career in the rail industry prior to applying to Mott MacDonald, however after seeing the position was available I took the opportunity and have found it an extremely interesting and rewarding career pathway. My advice to someone applying to Mott MacDonald would be to keep an open mind to all roles available, as you never know what may interest you.