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About MyPlus

At MyPlus Students’ Club our vision is to ensure that having a *disability or long-term health condition doesn't prevent anyone from having the career that they want to have.  

The MyPlus Students’ Club website provides you with the careers advice and support that you need to enable you to manage your disability whilst navigating the recruitment process and realising your career potential.  

To access our free resources, including contact details of disability confident employers, and to sign up for our monthly newsletter please vist our website.

*A disability or long-term condition includes, but is not limited to: visual and hearing impairments, mobility impairments, Asperger’s Syndrome, diabetes, epilepsy, dyslexia, dyspraxia, mental health conditions, speech impairments and major illnesses such as cancer and MS.

Did you know? 

  • 14% of students at UK universities identify as having a disability 
  • This includes cognitive or learning difficulties, mental health conditions, physical impairments, long term health conditions and social or communications impairments 
  • Many students with disabilities face unique challenges when applying for jobs, internships and placements 
  • Students with disabilities have unique transferable skills and strengths, developed as a result of managing their disability, which disability confident employers are looking to access 

How we can help 

  • We put you in touch with disability confident employers  
  • We advertise current job opportunities and internships from leading disability confident graduate recruiters 
  • We host insightful webinars and insight events 
  • We provide information on how to overcome the key challenges you may face during the recruitment process in our Advice & Resources section 
  • We show you what is possible through our stories and blogs from the workplace 

Applying with a disability –solutions to common challenges 

  • What is a disability: do I have one? 
  • Should I disclose a disability and what is the best way to do this? 
  • How do I position the strengths I have developed as a result of managing my disability? 
  • How do I request adjustments, and will this be seen as an inconvenience? 
  • How do I positively position mitigating circumstances? 
  • Sign up today, for free, to access eBooks, templates, and FAQs in our Advice and Resources section.  

Employers we work with  

For information on companies that we work with, access to their profiles and to browse jobs and other opportunities please visit our website.


‘’I don’t believe I am any more special than anyone else. But I do believe my disability has given me something extra. A ‘plus’. 

And those are the skills, abilities, strengths that I have had to develop to manage my disability on a day to day basis in a world that isn’t always geared up for it’’— Helen Cooke, MyPlus founder

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