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National Graduate Development Programme for Local Government (ngdp)

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Management Trainee

Pursuing a career which aligns to my values is important to me and the NGDP offered the perfect opportunity to do just that. The NGDP scheme offers variety and I knew it would provide me with the opportunity to experience a number of different government departments in a relatively short space of time. I also knew that there was more to local government beyond the funding cuts which are often headline news and, wanted to experience that for myself.

Before starting on the NGDP I found public speaking and sharing my ideas in large meetings terrifying. Now, I can confidently and capably present to a room of people and advocate for something I believe in.

Leading on the annual Clean Air Day activities for Environmental Health was one of my favourite projects. I really enjoyed developing creative communications and, positively engaging with residents to encourage them to adopt environmentally friendly behaviours.

My placement in Tenancy Participation within Housing Services was insightful and involved me drafting a scrutiny report for the Housing and Anti-Poverty Scrutiny Panel. The report evaluated the opportunities available for residents in housing services and enabled me to use the academic skills I developed at university while, gaining an understanding of the scrutiny function within local government. It was great to see politics in action!

If you are interested in applying, ensure that you stay up to date with policy changes and are aware of the challenges facing the sector. This will help you to make sense of what is happening in the complex environment that is local government.

Top tip: Read extensively about local government and subscribe to relevant policy bulletins before applying.