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Equal opportunities and diversity

We want to be a 21st century organisation that delivers a safe and efficient transport service to our customers throughout the country.

Our values incorporate honesty, openness, courage and service in an environment where we expect supportive and inclusive teamwork within our organisation and in partnership with others. We require all our people to treat each other, the public, our stakeholders and partners with respect; and we want to maintain a working atmosphere in which everyone delivers a high quality service.

To demonstrate our values and achieve our aims we have updated our equality, diversity and inclusion policy to reinforce the behaviours that we expect to see in everyone employed by Network Rail. We, and our customers will benefit from a diverse employee base, that reflects the variety of people that we serve; one that has high safety standards and is inclusive, flexible and responsive.

We recognise the contribution of a diverse labour force to the history of the rail industry. We see equality legislation1 as setting minimum standards and we want to go beyond ticking boxes. In promoting equality, we want everyone to have access to jobs, training and development opportunities and for all people to be treated fairly. Embracing diversity means that we acknowledge the full breadth of people who work for us, and reflect that variety within our staffing complement. We welcome different and fresh ways of thinking, encourage innovation and a culture of speaking up where things can be done better. Such a work place is best established when people feel that can express their views freely within the context of our values. By inclusion we mean that everyone that works for Network Rail has a contribution to make, and we will work to create the kind of environment that will be receptive, welcoming and inclusive of all our people. For example, we use conference calling to reduce employee travel; we have flexible working, which can allow people who are carers to look after people who depend on them, and at Network Rail we can make reasonable adjustments so that disabled people from those who are dyslexic, or have diabetes, or depression, or a mobility impairment can work for us. By making sure we promote equality, diversity and inclusion we will be helping everyone to perform at their best and realise their potential.