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"Nucleargraduates runs STEM schemes and a footprints programme, aimed to give back to the local community."
Graduate, Liverpool
"One of the main components is Footprints. This involves setting up all cohort members as STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) ambassadors where we help school age pupils gain an interest in pursuing STEM subjects. We also have a community side to Footprints where we are tasked to set up, run and shut down a small business. This has the advantage of benefiting the community and any profits generated are donated to a chosen charity."
Graduate, Glasgow
"Ten percent of our time is spent on STEM engagement activities e.g. running after-school clubs in the local community."
"We undertake many activities throughout the year with profits going to charity."
Graduate, Workington
"Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of the scheme and the company's ethos."
Graduate, Cumbria
"All of the graduates must commit a specified number of hours to corporate social responsibility-related activities whilst on the graduate scheme."
Graduate, Oxfordshire
"The graduates are expected to participate in STEM activities and promote the industry in a positive light. We are expected to act as agents for change and as Ambassadors for the Industry."
Graduate, Warrington


"I spend 10% of my time in local schools."
Graduate, Derby
"All nucleargraduates take part in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) activities as part of their employment."
Graduate, Derby
"We have to do 80 hours per secondment on community work and therefore we do some STEM work, etc."
Graduate, Seascale
"Involved in STEM activities teaching a group of key stage three students after school at a local secondary."
Graduate, Derby
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