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Interview: Tips & Advice


"Prepare by looking at a few practice consulting case interviews online. They're quite specific to the industry so it's worth getting up to speed with what happens. Try to avoid using frameworks as the interviews are really there to test that you can think critically and logically. Force fitting a case to a framework can easily go against these principles."
Graduate, London
"After a few tests and a CV screen, you're invited to a full day of interviews. The process was so fast I was offered a job on the same day!"
Strategy, Graduate, London
"Relax. People are nice here and know what you're going through. Don't get too sucked into case study examples online, just look to see how they are structured."
Entry level, London
"All interviews happen on the same day (there are two rounds of two interviews each), with job offers often coming out that day too. They are primarily case study based but people are encouraged not to just churn out standard framework after framework and think creatively instead."
Consulting, Mid level, London
"Practise as many cases as you can. Use a logical and structured approach and try to build rapport with your interviewer."
Strategy, Graduate, London
"Breathe and take the time to think. The interviewer wants you to do well and show them what your skills are."
Graduate, London
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