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"We get a personal development bank where you can apply for funding to do something interesting every year. The whole company goes on holiday for a weekend in May (which is actually Thursday to Saturday morning)."
Graduate, London
"There's the opportunity to take unpaid leave of one month per year in addition to your standard holiday. There are two annual company trips abroad for training and inter-office networking as well as end of project dinners with project teams. There's also a gym subsidy, private health and dental insurance, and a personal development bank for the pursuit of new hobbies."
Graduate, London
"The personal development bank is a fun perk. The company will fund a hobby for you to learn outside of work!"
Strategy, Graduate, London
"There are two free company social events a year (a training week in Chicago and an away weekend in Portugal). Getting a month of unpaid leave (up to four months for managers and above) also really stands out."
Consulting, Mid level, London
"The personal development bank is great! The company will fund you to kick-start a hobby!"
Strategy, Graduate, London
"You can take a month of unpaid leave (if you want it) every year. The amount you can take increases as you get more senior, which is great for fitting in once-in-a-lifetime trips far more often than a normal holiday allowance would allow!"
Graduate, London
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