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Satisfaction with Work

8.1 / 10

(based on 15 ratings in 2018)


"I've had a lot of responsibility from the start, which is good if you like that. Work can range from data analysis to helping to write business cases and designing and running workshops. It's hugely varied depending on the project you are working on."
Entry level, London
"Grads get a lot of responsibility early at PA as we're not on a 'grad scheme'. Instead, we are employed fully as analysts and are given real work after a couple of weeks of training. The training was really good and thorough and learning on the job has been really useful as I haven't felt out of my depth at any point. For the past couple of months at PA, I have spent three and a half weeks training and three weeks 'showcasing' on a project to both prove myself and gain experience."
Graduate, London
"It can be quite challenging to get onto a project as a graduate at times. However, once you are on, you are very much welcomed in. Day-to-day life consists of going into the office, then having a stand-up where the team gets together to share what has been done and needs doing, and work continues in an agile manner for the rest of the day."
Mid level, London, victoria
"I'm assigned really interesting work. I've been involved in exciting projects already and I'm actively participating within the team with my opinions and ideas being taken into account. My day to day can vary from undertaking research to attending client meetings. No two days are the same."
Strategy, Graduate, London
"An analyst at PA has a lot more responsibility given to them compared to other consultancies (in my experience). Day to day I carry out a lot of research on the topic of the project I am working on (whether that is desk-research, interviewing government officials or surveys). I am given the chance to have a lot of client contact, which is a plus and extremely important for developing as a consultant. With regards to client contact, I also look after the management and operations of project delivery."
Graduate, London
"I joined PA wanting to experience a range of different projects to get an understanding of which areas I am interested in. My line manager and other colleagues have worked hard to make this happen for me. As a result, I have had the opportunity to work across a real range of projects completing very different work. I have been given work that is interesting and stimulating on each of my projects. I have been trusted with a high level of responsibility and given an excellent level of support."
Graduate, London


"I get lots of creative freedom and chances to meet clients. Things are very different from day to day."
Graduate, London
"I've been very lucky to have been assigned to great opportunities. I have supported negotiations worth over £2 billion by working closely with the commercial team. I have also project managed videos to support bid pitches and researched defence and security opportunities in South-East Asia."
Graduate, London
"You might be helping to prepare a partner for an important client meeting or helping to write a proposal to win the firm a project. The variety of clients and types of assignments means the work is always different."
Graduate, London
"Really interesting projects. At the moment, I'm running workshops with client stakeholders and helping them to design their future services. It's really rewarding knowing that my work is contributing towards positive change. When you're off-the-clock, internal work can sometimes be a little dull."
Graduate, London
"The work is incredibly varied so your satisfaction largely depends on the work at hand. When you are on a project, a typical week can switch from completing boring analysis one day, to preparing an interesting client deliverable the next. When you are not on a project, internal work is usually not quite as interesting. The benefit of varied work means that you are constantly learning and rarely complacent, which is one of the best aspects of the job. It also means that you can discover what you enjoy and then actively seek out this kind of work."
Graduate, London
"As a consultant, you are assigned to projects that can be short or long term and for a range of clients. I am aligned to the people and talent service line and could get projects in all sectors the company acts in. At the moment I am with a client in government and work as a business change manager within project delivery. We are working in a very interdisciplinary team of consultants and other suppliers but I make sure I stay in contact with the team at our offices as well."
Entry level, London
"I have already spent time with two major companies working with both client teams and PA teams. Day to day, I can be producing reports, documentation, or attending workshops – my role is really varied."
Graduate, London


"I have a consultant role, so my work changes from day-to-day. For instance, I may be designing training and working with the client in question to ensure they are happy with the work."
Midlevel, London
"My role and day-to-day work are completely varied; depending on the project."
Graduate, London
"I thoroughly enjoy my day-to-day role which mostly involves facilitating workshops for practitioners."
Entry level, Leicester
"I work between the business and the IT group, to make sure that both teams understand what the other wants/needs. Recently, I've created processes to describe a future IT system."
Graduate, Cambridge/Melbourn
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