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8.8 / 10

(based on 16 ratings in 2016)


"Very flat office culture; everyone is willing to learn from one another. People are willing to take time out to teach you and help you. They recognise how doing this helps everyone in the long term."
Graduate, Cambridge
"The culture is very open and there are more opportunities for flexible working than in other organisations. The hierarchy is very flat and senior management are happy to spend time discussing your career progression. It's also a very friendly and competent workforce."
Graduate, London
"A very warm and welcoming culture, it encourages staff to help each other and there isn't a feeling of competing with your peers. Promotion is based on merit so if you work hard it will be recognised and rewarded."
Graduate, London
"The culture is open and friendly – everyone in the organisation is more than willing to help and support you if needed. Furthermore, there is no sense of hierarchy – everyone is viewed as equal, which is really nice as a new starter. People tend to be efficient and smart with their time, so there is certainly no expectation to work late into the night (although from time to time we do need to finish slightly later if on a tight deadline). It's very easy to get to know people from across the whole organisation because we are not too large. People tend to be really social and I have made some great friends here. However, as consultants are often on client sites, it can be easy to lose touch with people."
Graduate, London
"PA's culture is enjoyable, particularly because it is a flat organisation. It's a firm where junior members of the organisation can have regular in-depth interactions with senior colleagues. People within PA are willing to give up their time to have engaging discussions irrespective of rank."
Graduate, London
"The hierarchies within PA are quite flat. We obviously have our ranks but you are encouraged to speak up and make yourself heard from any level in the organisation. The nature of consulting always connects you with different people and everyone is very open and approachable."
Entry level, London
"The culture is quite casual despite appearances. You can talk to anyone from a graduate to a senior partner and there is a flat structure meaning that your opinion is always heard. There is a good after-work culture between graduates with regular socials and trips to the pub after work."
Graduate, London
"The culture in the office is very friendly, but also focused. Don't expect to be mulling around – you have to get stuck in and help out in order to do well. The culture helps you to develop quickly in your career. Out of office hours there are some socials with your department and drinks after work. Regular socials with other graduates are self-generated, so make sure you are proactive in networking with them too."
Graduate, London


"One of the best things about PA Consulting, for me, is that it is a very flat organisation. People are very generous with their time. I emailed a partner in another practice today who I have never met, because I am interested in the work he does, and now we're meeting for coffee next week. People here are intelligent, driven and fun."
Graduate, London
"The office space is shared by analysts and partners alike, which gives a good indication of the (basically) collaborative culture and the lack of obstructive hierarchy (although there's plenty of ambition and motivation!)."
Entry level, Leicester
"The culture is friendly and ambitious. I have found that the culture after-hours varies depending on your office location, but the company has a flat hierarchy so it's easy to work/socialise with everyone, regardless of their rank."
Graduate, Cambridge/Melbourn
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