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Interview Questions


"I was asked to identify the mechanisms that allow a device to work."
Graduate, Cambridge
"I was asked to work through a case study and group exercise. After that I had an interview about my experience."
Graduate, London
"Pretty standard. I was asked about my previous work experience and about times when I'd gone above and beyond etc."
Graduate, London
"In the first stage of the assessment centre, I was asked to direct a meeting with a client in a role play situation by discussing their options and making a recommendation. It's important to build a good rapport with this fake interviewer. In the one-to-one interview I was asked the usual motivation and competency questions, so brush up on the PA competencies beforehand. In the final partner interview, it was more of an informal conversation about my interests and how they fit with the company."
Graduate, London
"Why PA? How many planes are in the sky right now? Tell me about a time you had to work with someone who had a different work technique to you and how you overcame this."
Graduate, London
"I was asked to talk about a time when I had to put theoretical skills into practice, what my weaknesses were and what my greatest achievement was."
Graduate, London
"Why PA? Why consulting? What are your weaknesses? The usual 'tell me about a time when...' questions."
Graduate, London
"Questions mainly focus on your previous experience (work/pursuits) and how these apply to core competencies."
Graduate, London


"The first rounds are all competency based interviews, so questions included describing a time I demonstrated problem solving skills, etc."
Graduate, London
"My interview questions included how I would fare away from home, what attracted me to PA Consulting, what was the importance of my particular market unit, and identifying my strengths and weaknesses."
Entry level, Leicester
"I had to show which part of my CV I'm most proud of, and explain a topic of my choosing to someone who knew nothing about it."
Graduate, Cambridge/Melbourn
"I was given technical questions alongside general programming questions."
Graduate, London
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