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"You sometimes have to work to tight deadlines."
Graduate, Cambridge
"Lots of travel is required, but this is common to the consulting industry."
Graduate, London
"Work is not necessarily handed to you. There is an expectation that you get yourself on to projects by talking to assignment managers, which can get a little frustrating."
Graduate, London
"Sometimes, your day-to-day activities can be a little unstructured."
Graduate, London
"The nature of consulting can mean that there is uncertainty regarding assignments, which doesn't suit everybody."
Graduate, London
"Things can be a bit stale when you're not on client work, but this is very rare. This isn't the job for you if you don't want to travel!"
Graduate, London
"For some people, the uncertainty of what you do day to day might be a negative. You have to be prepared to travel on short notice if needed."
Graduate, London


"Travel is sometimes arranged for the last minute, and having to spend time away from home isn't for everyone."
Graduate, London
"There has not been much flexibility to split days between a client site and the office you are based in, which can be difficult for considering family/partners."
Entry level, Leicester
"A lack of structure that is sometimes prevalent can be a drawback at work."
Graduate, London
"I would not say that there is a clear progression path or breakdown of finances available."
Graduate, Cambridge/Melbourn
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