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Offices & Dress

7.4 / 10

(based on 15 ratings in 2016)


"The dress code is business formal, though many don't wear ties. The facilities are reasonably good but I hope are going to be significantly improved when the head office is transferred to another site near Victoria next year."
Graduate, London
"The offices are large and light, with all the facilities we need (as well as being very well located). Food in the canteen can be pricey. PA are moving into a brand new office block (currently being constructed) in 2017, which promises to be even flashier. The only drawback is that you can't control what your client's office will be like!"
Graduate, London
"Good offices – professional with all the trimmings you would expect. The dress code is formal, suits or business casual for training activities etc."
Graduate, London
"The current office is very light and spacious. There is a hot desk policy that some may not love. The dress code in the office is business casual, when on client site you dress to match the client."
Graduate, London
"There are good facilities in the main PA office. However, almost all of the work will be done on client site and will therefore depend on what client you are based at. You must adhere to the clients' dress code with business casual as an absolute minimum. Ties are generally not required."
Graduate, London
"The office is great. However, if you don't arrive early enough in the morning you may struggle to find a desk as PA 'hot desks'. However, we will be moving to a brand new, bigger office in Victoria in 2017, which should solve the problem. The dress code is smart casual in the office if you have no client meetings, but most people dress more on the smart side. If you are on client site, your attire will entirely depend on your client, so could be anything from fairly casual to very smart business dress."
Graduate, London


"The company has a great office space, and although the location is far out and quite difficult (but manageable) to get to without a car, the facilities are great. The dress code is more smart casual in the support functions where I work; in the City, it's suits."
Graduate, Cambridge/Melbourn
"Although the coffee and toilets could be improved, in my opinion, the offices are otherwise good."
Graduate, London
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