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8.2 / 10

(based on 12 ratings in 2019)


"The firm runs diversity events such as skills/language lunches, LGBTQ+/mental health awareness meetings. The firm is supportive of childcare arrangements and is flexible regarding part-time working and working from home."
First year trainee, Cambridge
"The firm has an LGBTQ+ committee."
First year trainee, London
"The firm seems committed to improving its diversity."
Second year trainee, Guildford, Surrey
"The firm has an active LGBTQ+ committee that attends events such as Pride and organises talks and announcements."
Second year trainee,
"I know that the firm has an LGBTQ+ committee and there was an effort for each office to take part in local Pride events, which was nice. I also think that the ideas for language sessions on a lunchtime will be useful. However, I'm not sure that this extends to my office."
Second year trainee, Oxford
"There are work provisions made for discounted childcare should you wish."
First year trainee, Basingstoke/Reading


"I think the firm is really trying to improve its diversity and has recently updated its maternity and paternity policies as these were not ideal. The diversity is good at the more junior levels with respect to women but I think there could be more female partners in the future (though this is true of the profession, not just the firm)."
"The firm has a strong commitment to diversity, as shown by various 'Pennclusion' events held at the firm such as the LGBT equali-tea event that encouraged members of the firm to learn about the LGBT community with cake and tea. Also, members of the firm's netball team wear rainbow laces. However, this push for diversity has so far not been that well reflected in the hiring at the firm as it is still overwhelmingly white (with the exception of one or two teams)."
"It's good on diversity but could always do more."
"The firm is committed to improving diversity and has a number of committees and events around the subject."


"It can be quite hard to judge this but I have noticed a good range of gender diversity in my team and within the trainees as a whole. I would like to see more of an age range of trainees as I think all of them are in their twenties."
First year trainee, Basingstoke
"11 of the 14 trainees taken on in 2017 were women, which is much better than at some other firms. There is not as much diversity in regards to ethnic minorities."
First year trainee, London
"We have an LGBT society."
Second year trainee, Surrey
"Unlike some other City firms, the firm has a huge number of female partners."
First year trainee, London


"The firm is very flexible with maternity/paternity issues. In addition, an internal LGBT committee has recently been established."
Second year trainee, Oxford
"The current intake of trainees is pretty diverse, both in terms of recruitment and the NQ jobs. Several lawyers have returned recently after having children and I know a handful that work part-time."
Second year trainee, Guildford
"I personally think the diversity at the firm is great. It definitely reflects the more relaxed attitude that Penningtons' culture has compared to other firms. For example, I work in a team of nine lawyers: two females; one male of Nigerian ethnicity; one male of Korean ethnicity; one university student para-legalling for a year who is homosexual and four white males. I would say that is fairly diverse."
First year trainee, Guildford
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