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Formal Training

9.1 / 10

(based on 12 ratings in 2019)


"There was a four-day training induction at the beginning of the training contract, which was extremely useful. However, the amount of information received can be a little overwhelming. The day-to-day training received from colleagues is good and you have lots of access to partners and senior associates who are happy to help with any queries."
Second year trainee, Guildford, Surrey
"In our first week we had lots of training on IT, the policies of the firm and how to 'be a trainee'. There are also lots of training resources on our intranet for how to give good presentations and many other non-legal skills. I have two supervisors who check everything I do, which is great for my legal training."
First year trainee, Guildford
"The firm runs a week-long training programme for trainees at the start of the training contract, which encompasses IT skills, research skills and knowledge training. The firm then runs sessions throughout your training contract on topics including time management, organisation and networking. The IT team also runs regular training sessions on new pieces of technology that have come out and even sessions on how to use Excel or get the most out of Lexis etc."
Second year trainee,
"The firm has a good in-house training programme for trainees that supplements the professional skills course modules. The teams that I have worked with are also aware that they should provide a variety of work and opportunities to learn and, as a result, I feel that I have picked up a good range of new skills."
Second year trainee, Oxford
"There's internal training that goes beyond the professional skills course. There are also informative know-how sessions in each team."
Second year trainee, Oxford
"The training contract begins with a one-week induction where we are given thorough IT training before coming to the office. There's also a series of skills workshops and research workshops held throughout the two-year contract."
First year trainee, Basingstoke/Reading


"The training is generally of a high quality, although it can vary from team to team. Courses are provided in non-legal skills such as presentation skills and writing. These are very high quality and from respected providers."
"There are quite a few in-house training courses and most supervisors do want to teach you. However, as the firm is quite large, you may not feel as prioritised as you might at a smaller firm."
"The firm runs in-house training for trainees to cover presentation skills, professional writing skills, networking skills and negotiating skills. It is also due to launch an online platform for members of the firm to access training resources easily on the go."
"I have certainly had the opportunity to work on the skills I learned throughout my undergraduate and postgraduate education. These include: having a good eye for detail, having a good writing manner and professionalism. The legal skills I have picked up include: learning how to draft documents, learning the law in particular practice areas and understanding the court and mediation process."


"Each department runs a monthly know-how session to keep up to date with legal developments. The firm also puts on a business writing-skills course among others."
First year trainee, London
"I had a very good induction programme as a trainee."
First year trainee, Cambridge
"Day-to-day training is good as you get lots of access to partners and senior associates who can help with legal knowledge. Official training sessions could be more regular."
Second year trainee, Surrey
"So far, the training scheme has been well structured and the induction was very thorough."
First year trainee, Guildford
"In my first three weeks I attended various training programmes to enable me to be more efficient. This included IT training, Excel training, training on bundles, training on the printer/photocopier, training on attendance notes and on department-specific tasks. We have lots of other training schedules, professional and otherwise, lined up for the following year."
First year trainee, London
"I felt that there was occasionally a lack of direction and the emails organising it could sometimes arrive quite late."
Second year trainee, Reading
"There are monthly training meetings for my department as well as optional lunchtime seminars, a full week of IT and other training at the start. It's very comprehensive."
First year trainee, Guildford
"There's a four-day induction for the trainees at the beginning and then, every month or so, we have further training days. These are mostly useful and it's nice to see the other trainees from the different offices – it can involve a lot of travel though. I find the best way to learn is just to be in the office doing the work rather than training days, so they aren't my preference."
First year trainee, Basingstoke


"When I first arrived, we had a monthly trainee day where all the trainees met up in London. This has now been reduced to quarterly, which is a bit disappointing, as I found it an effective way to learn, as well as a good social experience. The development and learning team ensure that soft skills are taught as well as legal training. Some elements of training were on relaxation and stress-reducing techniques in the workplace."
Second year trainee, Guildford
"Formal training took place in quarterly meetings to improve legal and non-legal skills such as: work management, mental attitude, networking, presentation and researching."
First year trainee, London
"The training massively depends on each individual department."
Second year trainee, London
"There are lots of internal training sessions on a variety of topics and we are encouraged to suggest topics for training if we think it should be included."
Second year trainee, Guildford
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