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Green Initiatives

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(based on 11 ratings in 2019)


"There are recycling bins on each floor and we're a paperless office so we're encouraged to avoid printing where possible. However, paperless is not entirely streamlined at present and needs some work. Each office has an environment champion to take office-specific steps."
First year trainee, Cambridge
"Many teams are now paperless but others are very far behind."
Second year trainee, Guildford, Surrey
"There is an effort to go paperless with complete e-filing of new files coming in."
First year trainee, Guildford
"The firm has a paperlite policy being implemented by most departments to reduce printing. There is also an environment champions committee that is working to make positive changes in order to reduce our carbon footprint."
Second year trainee,
"I am a part of the Oxford office's sustainability committee and our office is currently leading the charge in terms of the firm's green initiatives. We have not been set up for long but I feel that we are already making good progress."
Second year trainee, Oxford
"We are beginning a paperlite initiative currently, which focuses on improving this."
First year trainee, Basingstoke/Reading


"There are recycling bins and the firm is pushing to go 'paper lite'."
"Some teams in the firm are paperless, which is great, but others are very behind the times in this regard."


"We have a ride-to-work scheme."
First year trainee, Oxford
"We have recycling bins all over."
First year trainee, London
"The firm actively encourages a cycle-to-work scheme and recycling."
First year trainee, Cambridge


"Environmental initiatives include recycling and dimming lights in infrequently-used areas."
Second year trainee, Oxford
"We use a lot of paper at the moment but I can see a shift towards paperless filing. Recycling is very popular."
Second year trainee, London
"The firm recycles but I'm not aware of any additional efforts in this area."
Second year trainee, London
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