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Alisdair Stevenson

Alisdair Stevenson

R&D Engineering Intern

How the graduate got the job and why they chose your company

The Philips internship offered at the Chichester site was advertised through my university department’s industrial liaison officer. The application process was quite simple, I first sent in my CV and a cover letter for the position, followed by a phone interview and then the final interview at the office. I chose to apply to Philips as the focus on healthcare technologies aligned with my ambition to use my technical skills developed in university for building solutions that improve the wellbeing of the users. Alongside this is the size of the company and the breadth of market leading positions held, enabling exposure to a wide range of technologies during my time here.

What the intern’s role involves: typical activities and key responsibilities

In my first couple of months, I have had individual responsibilities and ownership of my work from the very beginning. In my technical role, I have a good balance of time in the labs and at my desk, allowing me to develop my practical skills well while also having opportunities for programming at data analysis. Being able to switch between the two enables efficient progress throughout each week as each day consists of varied work.

What training the graduate has received

In my first week, I had multiple inductions and training sessions introducing me to Philips and the business area. Particularly areas such as Quality & Regulatory, which are critical in the industry, were vital to have more of an understanding of for a smooth start to my placement.

Philips also offer a two-day induction for all new employees with sessions on the business and personal support available and this really made me feel part of a business that cares about myself as well as the customer. For graduates/placement students, there is monthly training sessions covering key concepts for personal development in the transition from student to professional.

Highlights of the work the intern has done

Working with two graduate engineers, we have been developing a piece of test equipment that can do automated life cycle testing on our nebulizer devices. I am also starting a project in collaboration with software engineers in the Eindhoven headquarters for a project utilizing big data for the development of intelligent data models.

What the intern enjoys about their job

Every day is different! Even with some projects being more long-term, I have not had a day doing the same as another. Some days are more challenging than others are when ideas do not work as intended, but the small reminders of the big impact Philips, and in turn each employee has on people’s lives through the trainings and business-orientated meetings consistently provide motivation to keep pushing to develop the best solutions.

What challenges the graduate has faced and how they have overcome any difficult situations – what support has been provided

In my research, there have been times when I felt no idea for a solution worked as planned. It was vital in this time to be resilient to the situation and continue to work diligently. A training session provided for the graduates/placement students on how to be resilient provided opportunity to develop a healthy mindset to challenges faced in my work and personal life. This learning has been essential for me in transitioning from an academic environment, where in most of your studies someone will know the answer for you, to an environment where learning has develop through my work. 

Why they like working for you and anything that is particularly perky!

An inclusive welcoming environment is prevalent at Philips and from my first day, I have felt part of the team. I also love the regular treats brought into the office by people to celebrate various occasions!