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Chantal Thompson

Business Transformation Graduate

I always viewed Philips as a company that made light bulbs and TVs. It wasn’t until I got to the assessment centre, that I learned that I was not just embarrassingly behind on my research, but sorely mistaken in this small-minded assumption. I was drawn in on that assessment day - just like, no doubt, many other fresh graduates before me. I journeyed from viewing Philips as a prestigious electricals company, to being inspired by organization that has a purpose to improve and save lives. Being part of that enormous mission was what drew me to Philips over competitors.

A year on in Philips, and I can see a change in myself - not only just in my aspirations for my career, but on a personal level, also. Philips invests in its graduates; I have had exposure and opportunities for development that I could not have hoped for elsewhere. I am trained in leadership skills such as change management and personal impact – all alongside my fellow graduates, of whom I have learnt, laughed and (occasionally) cried with! I have accomplished these whilst completing qualifications that can support my future success such as my CIPD HR qualification, and Lean certification – both of which I will have completed by the end of my graduate scheme this year. 

Having settled into my second rotation, I can now gain a wider understanding of how my scheme has been tailored to the interests I had specified on my assessment day. I worked firstly in HR, and now in Business Transformation which has given me the perfect balance of introduction to a global business, as well as exposure when working on projects with a variety of talented individuals. Each opportunity I have been given has ensured I can showcase my strengths, whilst facing and overcoming my weaknesses. I feel grateful every day for the support I have at my fingertips.

The thing about Philips, is that whilst your senior stakeholders are seen as people to aspire to, they have shown me what it is to work with them, rather than for them. I am a firm believer of Benjamin Franklin’s words, ‘Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn’ and I can see this in the inspirational figures I get to work with every day, who are only too willing to pass on their knowledge and expertise.