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Russell Watson

Russell Watson

Procurement Intern

When searching for a business to spend my year in industry with, I considered several factors. The most important of which was the company’s mission. The goal of improving 3 billion lives by 2030 was certainly a mission I wanted to be a part of and so Philips really stood out to me.

The recruitment process was testing. I applied with a cover letter and C.V, then I had two phone interviews and finally a face to face interview with the whole procurement team. This gave me a fantastic insight into what life at Philips was like before I even started.

My role has given me an extreme level of exposure to many areas of the business. I have supported 6 completely different commodities within procurement working very closely with finance, legal, marketing and HR. Over my placement I have developed a fantastic network with internal and external stakeholders of all seniority. Philips have equipped me with a fantastic repertoire of skills and techniques that will help me excel inside and outside of the corporate world. Philips have matched all the effort I have put in by spending a great deal of time and resources on my development including putting me on a yearlong graduate development programme executed by elite professionals across several industries.

This year has constantly stretched me outside of my comfort zone allowing me to do things I never dreamed of doing including presenting in front of senior leadership team members. This placement has done an incredible job of improving my skills and behaviours to a point where I feel equipped to face any of the challenges that the world of employment may present me.

Employee welfare is taken very seriously at Philips and you can definitely sense the company truly believes it is at its best when its people are. Philips’ operates a hot desk system in an agile working environment. This means you have the opportunity to sit in any desk any day which not only gives you great exposure to a variety of stakeholders but also encourages productivity and creativity. The working hours at Philips are flexible meaning you get in to the office and leave at the times that best fit you, subject to manager approval. I am also permitted to work from home on occasion to help achieve a successful work-life integration.

I have been involved in plenty of exciting projects including; working with a Brexit task force to mitigate the supply-side implications of Brexit, working with Philips Global Goundation to analyse the socio-economic results of a health screening pilot in Uganda and a logistics project to help the armed forces attain mobile battle-proof ultrasound solutions. Philips offers their employees a great deal of freedom and allows them to join projects that may have nothing to do with their job role, this contributes to heightened exposure and a great deal of job satisfaction.

There is an abundance of opportunity within Philips. Throughout the year I have been actively encouraged to look out for other areas in the business which interest me post-graduation. This placement has truly exceeded all my expectations and the person I am now would hardly recognise the person I came in as. I am truly shocked about how much I have learnt and developed over this short year. I cannot recommend this placement role any more. Join Philips and make a difference!!