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About Pod Talent

About Pod Talent

If we tried to squash all the personalities in the business and all the quirks and all the growth and all the promotions and all the nights out and all the weird fancy dress and all the jokes into this one tiny paragraph on the internet, it would be like trying to edit War and Peace down into 500 words. Ridiculous and impossible and quite frankly a stupid idea.


Plus, a tiny paragraph on the internet doesn’t always cut it because the truth is, you have to chat to the people; see if they’re the kind of people you want to grab a drink with or go out for dinner with. You need to walk around an office to get under the skin of it to see if you want to sit there for eight hours a day (even if that’s not 5 days a week anymore…).


So instead let’s just say that here, it’s brave and it’s bold and it’s full of opportunity. That at Pod you can build a wonderful career with pretty wonderful people, even if they do have a questionable love for fancy dress. So, let’s leave it at that for now until you come in, have a cuppa, actually meet the gang and realise that maybe, just maybe, this tiny paragraph on the internet was telling the truth.

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There are currently no vacancies on TARGETjobs. Please check back soon.

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11 to 50 employees
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