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About proSapient

proSapient is an innovative technology start-up who have designed an intelligence platform which connects businesses requiring expertise with professionals and experts in field across the world. It’s called expert networking, which is a niche professional services area that has experienced incredible growth within the last 5-8 years. The business itself has grown significantly, since being founded 3 years ago now have over 100 staff working across two international offices. 

Our clients include private equity houses, venture capital, management consultancies and asset management firms. These businesses often need expert advice in order to grow, improve their performance or evaluate major potential investments. proSapient intelligently identifies and connects them with experts who would assist them, typically on a freelance consultancy basis, providing advice and guidance on their project or goal. It could be for work in acquisition & investment, due diligence, and other complex projects. For example, a private equity firm wanting to undertake a significant billion pound investment in a promising business in a developing market will probably first want accredited, senior local expert’s opinions. They would use the expert network’s service to reach out and hire them for consultancy sessions so they make the right investment that provides a significant return. 

Artificial intelligence is a big differentiator for the business as it makes the recruitment of experts easier, more cost effective but still intelligently targeted. Clients have access to the platform directly and visibility of the progress in sourcing experts at any time.  Whilst old fashioned networking is great, ultimately it has significant limitations on a global scale and the platform has been designed to be far more thorough yet still give confidence in expertise and getting the right specialism.


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