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Interview: Tips & Advice


"The application process is a three-round one after submitting an application with a CV and a cover letter. The first round is a technical test for both verbal and analytical skills. The next round contains two one-hour interviews with consultants and the last one is two interviews with partners or principals. I would advise being very strong on the case study and not underestimating the 'fit' part of the interview, which is more important than we think when we are applying."
Graduate, London
"The process is concise. There's a CV screening followed by a written test (in person) and then two rounds of interviews (in person). Take the written test seriously, show strong motivation and do practice case studies."
Graduate, London
"It's tough, it always is. I'd say prepare your cases, ensure your CV has no mistakes and make sure you're not trying too hard to adopt a new personality. Those who interview you mainly want to know whether you're someone they'd be willing to work with on difficult projects."
Consulting, Graduate, London
"It's a relatively standard strategy consulting recruitment process. Prepare as you would for any strategy consulting interviews with case prep and mental maths etc."
Graduate, London
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