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7.5 / 10

(based on 22 ratings in 2018)


"There is a clear structure in the team and people generally move up to the next role once qualified."
Graduate, Aberdeen
"The ability to move up the ranks appears good as a whole firm. However, there have been several people who haven't been given the opportunity to become a manager in recent months, which I believe is because that level is already saturated in the Gatwick office in audit. Some have had to move office in order to progress."
Graduate, Gatwick
"Once qualified, the path up to senior positions is very clear. People who only qualified a year ago are en-route to becoming managers already."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Prospects for promotions are good, although this may depend on whether vacancies are available in some cases."
Graduate, London
"Promotion possibilities are clear from the outset and it is refreshing to see younger people holding positions of authority throughout the firm."
Graduate, Stoke-on-Trent
"There is clear progression to be seen from people further along in their studies, although not everyone at the same level has received the same promotions. However, it has always been indicated that there will be significant pay rises once we're fully qualified and these would be expected to come with a promotion."
Graduate, Southampton
"Promotion possibilities appear strong in the early years, particularly while studying. However, the upper levels within my office seem pretty full so progression looks like it may slow down at that point."
Entry level, Bury St Edmunds
"Considering the size of the organisation, development prospects are dependent on the availability within smaller teams, which I did not anticipate. However, briefings and conference sessions show that talent and high performance is recognised and schemes are in place for individuals to achieve their career ambitions."
Graduate, Birmingham


"Each role/job title is supported by competencies and, once an individual has proved that they have met (or at least partially met) these competencies, they will be considered for promotion. There also needs to be support from senior staff within the team."
Consulting, Graduate, London
"There are often promotions throughout the departments within our office. I think it takes time, dedication and hard work, which will be recognised."
Graduate, Leeds
"There are lots of levels to progress through in the hierarchy and there are many different departments to try."
Graduate, Nottingham
"It's easy to progress on the graduate scheme because it's automatic. You have to be committed to become a manager but, if that is what you want, it is definitely doable if you focus on it."
Graduate, London
"ACA is one of the best qualifications in finance and working at a medium-sized professional services company means that you are leading jobs within the first two years and get to experience a large number of clients."
Graduate, London
"It's seemingly very easy as there are frequent promotions and there seems to be a structured progression path."
Graduate, London
"The stages of how to receive a promotion are very clear with regards to graduates. All graduates are very aware of the process once we have completed our personal qualifications."
Graduate, Reading


"Relatively easy as long as you put in the time and effort."
Graduate, Newcastle
"I don't know yet. There are lots of possibilities but I haven't been eligible for any as of yet."
Graduate, Bury St. Edmunds
"All the stages up to manager are relatively simple I believe."
Graduate, London
"If you stay in one department you can move up to partner from graduate in about 12 to 15 years if you're good."
Graduate, london
"Clear requirements are given to show what is needed to achieve a promotion to the next rank such as responsibility and skill sets."
Graduate, London


"Promotion from junior up to supervisor is a natural part of the graduate scheme; achieve well and you will be promoted appropriately. Beyond that there seem to be good opportunities to move further up into management."
Graduate, Southampton
"Promotions are fairly easy to come by if you're willing to work for them - as a trainee though, I haven't really experienced much in this area!"
Graduate, Edinburgh
"There are various schemes available for promotional progression throughout the firm. The firm makes promotion from inside the firm a priority and this makes for a strong workforce."
Graduate, Glasgow
"The company likes to promote from within. With hard work and dedication getting up the ranks is a quick progression."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"As long as you perform to the standard that is expected of you, it is a natural progression to become a supervisor and then work hard and extra training and experience is required to get to manager."
Graduate, Stoke
"There is not so much room for progression if you want to stay in a regional office, however the firm seems very amenable to accommodating career moves within the firm, but it may mean moving offices."
Graduate, Bury St Edmunds
"Good career progression was one of the things that attracted me to the company. The company runs on a principle of meritocracy. If you deserve the promotion they will find a way to give it to you. For the right candidate the progression can be far quicker than at other firms."
Graduate, Glasgow
"Passing certain stages of your exams allows you to be promoted. Becoming part-qualified helps you to become a supervisor and start to lead audits, then when you are fully qualified you can do manager training to be able to review audits."
Graduate, Newcastle
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