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(based on 23 ratings in 2018)


"There are more women in the office than men, but all of the partners are male. The regional audit managing partner for our region is female, though. Our office would not be suitable for anyone in a wheelchair as there are a lot of stairs and no lift in place."
Graduate, Aberdeen
"There is a dedicated diversity team. It is nice to see a fairly equal mix of male and female partners within the office."
Graduate, Reading
"I think the diversity in Manchester isn't great but RSM is aware of this and actively trying to improve."
Graduate, Manchester
"The firm has a diversity champion in each office who acts as a go-to contact for anyone with any issues as well as being the individual tasked with updating the office with diversity initiatives and policies. Overall, there is a great emphasis on inclusion and diversity."
Graduate, Glasgow
"Diversity is always spoken about and reported on the intranet."
Graduate, London
"We have lots of diversity emails, events and training."
Graduate, Stoke on Trent
"We have office diversity champions who have been providing lots of information regarding events and holidays of various cultures and encouraging participation in these. As far as I have seen there have been no issues with diversity when it comes to recruitment/promotion etc. Several employees have been on maternity leave or are going soon and all have said they have no problems with it."
Graduate, Southampton
"There are regular diversity updates from the diversity champion, which try to be inclusive of all backgrounds and beliefs."
Graduate, Southampton and surrounding areas.


"I'm in a very diverse team. This applies less to managers but that's most likely due to not as many people being at that level currently. From the assistant manager downwards, there are a lot of ethnic minorities in the team and multiple female managers."
Entry level, Milton Keynes
"The company has an active LGBT+ community and is supportive of women and ethnic minorities. Employees are asked to complete the Stonewall questionnaire annually and there are numerous diversity officers who promote diversity across the office and company proactively."
Consulting, Graduate, London
"The office always runs events to show our diversity and support of minorities. I have not seen any issues on recruitment, retention, promotion, childcare, maternity leave or social mobility."
Graduate, Leeds
"The company could be better when it comes to maternity leave or supporting parents to work part time/work from home etc."
Graduate, London
"The company has appointed champions of diversity."
Graduate, Manchester
"There is a corporate social responsibility committee that looks to tackle any diversity issues."
Graduate, London
"The diversity within the company and this office in particular is diverse in the respect of the male-to-female ratio, which I feel is sometimes rare in this industry."
Graduate, Reading


"There is little ethnic diversity in the office but they are very good with employment of females (around half the team). There are also individuals who are LGBT and are welcome."
Graduate, Newcastle
"We have an exceptional mix of people meaning teams are very diverse."
Graduate, Guildford
"RSM endeavours to recruit and retain a diverse workforce and this is reflected in the pool of candidates I was with at my assessment centre."
Graduate, London
"They seem to have a commitment to diversity. However, the office is still predominantly white with very few other nationalities represented. This may be different in other offices. Also, I am the only female in my team. To be fair, the firm as a whole promoted a good number of women to partner this year."
Graduate, Bristol


"Everyone is treated fairly and with the same level of respect. Accounting has a good mix of men and women workers and it's not one sided. Baker Tilly have both male and female partners and managers, for example, my department has two partners with one male and the other female."
Entry level, Manchester
"There is a wide range of people that work for Baker Tilly: sex, race, age and any other potential discriminatory factors are not an issue whatsoever."
Graduate, Glasgow
"Strong code of diversity ethics. Both of the Audit directors are women, as is one half of the managers. Company treats everyone as individuals regardless of gender, beliefs or ethnicity."
Graduate, Glasgow
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