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Fun Facts


"Our name is made up of the initials of the original founding members, one from the UK, one from France and one from the US."
Graduate, Aberdeen
"RSM are the primary sponsor of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award and it is offered to all employees who would like to participate."
Graduate, Leeds
"We are the world's seventh largest accounting firm."
Graduate, Glasgow
"We sponsor the PGA golf."
Graduate, London
"We audit ZSL (London Zoo) and have to attend 'stock' counts that involve counting the animals."
Graduate, Gatwick
"We have a cake gnome that is passed around the department to show who's turn it is to bring something in for Cake Wednesday!"
Graduate, Southampton


"The company works with the European Golf Tour and sponsors some professional golfers."
Graduate, Leeds
"We are taking part in the Diamond Duke of Edinburgh Award."
Graduate, Swindon
"The company's roots date back to 1865."
Consulting, Graduate, London
"We are the sole provider of internal audits for NHS organisations in London."
Graduate, London
"If you ask any employee what RSM stands for, they will tell you that it's 'nothing'. Two of the three companies in the original name no longer exist and many more have been incorporated in."
Graduate, City of London


"The 'RSM' name has no official meaning. However, it's formed from the three companies Robson Rhodes, Salustro Reydel and McGladreys."
Graduate, Bury St. Edmunds
"We've had several name changes over the years."
Graduate, London
"There is the potential to go on secondment to either another UK or foreign office."
Graduate, London
"We re-branded on 26 October 2015 from Baker Tilly to RSM."
Graduate, Bristol


"We run an annual 'Tour de Baker Tilly' that travels around the country on bike visiting each office. They are looking to go international next year."
Graduate, Gatwick/Crawley
"Baker Tilly audit trainees get the chance to go and work overseas, for example: America, Australia or Europe."
Entry level, Manchester
"The independent adjudicator on the National Lottery each week is hired out from Baker Tilly."
Graduate, Edinburgh
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