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Interview Questions


"The video interview was mostly generic skills questions focusing on teamwork etc. During my face-to-face interview I was asked more specific questions that tested my suitability for working within the tax department and about my personality."
Graduate, Reading
"I was asked some technical questions such as what I would look at in order to predict the sales of a shop from the previous year to this year. This was during the partner interview, which was more technical. During the manager interview I was asked more personal questions about myself and my competencies."
Graduate, Gatwick
"I was asked about the content of my CV. I was from a non-accountancy background so there was no focus on accounting. The only financial thing I was asked to do was read a case study and then present my answers to some pre-provided questions. The main focus was on my extracurricular activities at university and about me in general to see if I'd be a good fit at the firm."
Graduate, Newcastle upon Tyne
"It was a mixture of competency-based interviews along with questions about my CV and my application."
Graduate, Stoke-on-Trent
"I completed a case study at the interview and was then asked about why I wanted to work in tax, what inspired me, what my career aspirations were, what my hobbies were and why I had chosen RSM."
Private Client, Graduate, Basingstoke
"I was asked about my previous work experience and how I had overcome any difficulties I'd encountered."
Graduate, Aberdeen


"Questions were based around my CV and why it was applicable to RSM."
Graduate, Leeds
"There were competency-based questions and some questions on why I wanted the job and what I could add to the team."
Graduate, Leeds
"Why RSM? Why corporate tax? I was also asked generic questions about my experience and my CV."
Graduate, Liverpool / Chester
"I was asked about my experience, what I have learned, how my degree will help in the job and what my hobbies are."
Graduate, City of London
"Why do you want to work in audit? Why do you want to work in professional services? What are your interests?"
Graduate, London
"My interview was split into three stages. My initial interview was with someone from the HR team who asked the generic questions. The second part of my interview was meeting management. During this stage, they wanted to get to know more about me and why I was applying for the job. The final stage was with one of the partners of the company. This stage was the most challenging as I was asked about why I wanted to work for the company and what I knew about the news and topics of the time. Always be prepared with things to discuss!"
Graduate, Reading
"I had questions on how I overcame difficulties in the past, why I wanted to do the job and why I wanted to work for this company."
Graduate, Manchester


"I was asked why I wanted to work in the Newcastle office and why I was interested in audit. There were also questions on my hobbies and interests."
Graduate, Newcastle
"I had questions about my previous role and why I'd like to come to RSM to train to be an accountant."
Graduate, Bury St. Edmunds
"Standard interview questions: why this field? Why this company? Why not other companies? I was also asked about my hobbies and previous experience etc."
Graduate, London
"Why internal audit? Why RSM?"
Graduate, London
"Why do you want to work here? Why should we pick you? Standard stuff really."
Graduate, london
"Anything on your CV can crop up."
Graduate, Guildford
"Why was I interested in the role? Why was I drawn to RSM? What do I hope to achieve with RSM? Where do I see myself in five to ten years?"
Graduate, London
"The questions in my actual interview were quite brief and more about getting me to talk about myself. It was more informal compared to the case study group exercises etc."
Graduate, Bristol


"Questions were generic interview questions, and the focus was on why I wanted to be an accountant. There were a few competency type questions where I provided examples of when I had demonstrated key skills."
Graduate, Guildford
"I was asked questions relating to my experience from work and my university, about my ambitions and reasons for wanting to become a CA, about the firm and about what I can bring to the job."
Graduate, Glasgow
"Questions included: What do you see as the risks posed to the public sector? What makes you better than the other applicants today? What do you think of driving and travelling?"
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"The questions mainly focused on my motivation for pursuing the role and how I would approach the amount of study required. Also, there were questions about my hobbies, etc. There were some competency based questions such as "describe a time when you demonstrated..."."
Graduate, Bury St Edmunds
"I was asked why I wanted to work for Baker Tilly and how I felt I was suited to the role I would be doing. There was also a lot of focus on my educational/personal background and also a lot of questions were asked regarding my placement year."
Graduate, Birmingham
"I was asked about my general academic and working life background and what strengths and weaknesses I had. Both interviews felt more focussed on the kind of person I am rather and how I'd fit in with the office rather than how much prior knowledge I had."
Graduate, Reading
"As I had a lot of work experience behind me in a different area, I was asked a lot relating to that and why I had chosen to switch career. I was asked about my working style and management style, (as I had several years of management in a different industry)."
Graduate, Glasgow
"I was asked about my prior knowledge of the company; my strengths/weaknesses, my previous work experience and transferable skills; and why I was interested in the role, etc."
Graduate, Newcastle
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