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Interview: Tips & Advice


"Research RSM and your chosen department thoroughly and have a good understanding of what they do and what you would expect your role to entail."
Graduate, Leeds
"The interview process is very intense but the most important tip to prepare for the interview is to be yourself and to not discuss knowledge you do not have as you will be found out. It is okay not to know everything and owning up to this is sometimes the best approach."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"You should make reference to RSM's core values in your personal statement. Then you need to make sure you practise online tests before attempting the real one as it can be challenging. Be yourself in the interview and make sure your personality is reflected right from the start."
Graduate, Gatwick
"I would say to focus on getting your personality across during the interview process. The training is in place to teach you the technical side so the main thing the interviewers are looking for is if you will be able to fit into the team as we are usually out on site in groups of three or four. They are also looking for good commercial awareness and people who are interested in the role."
Graduate, Manchester
"Get a deep understanding of RSM and what its objectives are. For example, we focus on middle market companies in audit, which is reflected by our portfolio. This would differ significantly to many other audit firms, so showing an understanding of this is important."
Graduate, Gatwick
"Network where you can. Showing your face and engaging with those who recruit and work in the organisation gives a strong impression of just how much you would like to work in the field."
Entry level, Bury St Edmunds
"My tip would be to keep calm throughout. Do not stress that the tests are fast and you may not have time to answer everything. Be polite and confident in your interview but remain yourself. To prepare, practise interview questions with someone you know. Get comfortable talking about yourself and what inspired you."
Private Client, Graduate, Basingstoke
"I filled out an application form and did online tests before completing a video interview and then having one interview with a manager and another with a partner in the office. My advice would be to relax and try to get a feel for the environment in the office because that will help when answering questions."
Graduate, Aberdeen


"Learn about the company and the sector-specific role you're applying for. Showing knowledge of the area you're going into will certainly impress. Try to relax as much as possible. The key criteria is whether they think you're a good fit for the company so the best you can do is to be yourself."
Graduate, Leeds
"Confidence is key. Control the room in the group exercises, but not by being dominant. Ensure that everyone gets their chance to speak and add your own analysis of each of their ideas. Essentially, chair the group."
Entry level, Milton Keynes
"Be yourself, research the company and be clear on why you are interested in the industry."
Graduate, London
"There is a series of online tests to complete, an assessment day and an interview with a partner. When coming to the assessment day and interview, come prepared with basic knowledge of the job that you have applied for and show your personality."
Graduate, London
"There are numeracy and literacy tests, a phone interview and an assessment centre including interviews. Make sure that you have researched the company and the job role that you have applied for as this will help you to tailor your answers to specific aspects of the job and help you to ask questions as well. It sounds obvious, but don't exaggerate on your CV. Try not to be nervous, the interviewers are very pleasant and will guide you through if you are struggling."
Graduate, Liverpool / Chester
"The interviewers know that graduates have plenty of ability and intelligence for the role. What they want to know is if you'll be a good fit for the team. Show interest in the role, career progression and what you'll bring to the team."
Graduate, City of London
"There are online tests (numerical and verbal reasoning) after the application process followed by an assessment day. My best recommendation would be to practise the online tests as much as possible. Apart from that, be yourself in your interview. You will be working with your colleagues every day and you need to make sure you gel with the people just as much as the job role!"
Graduate, Reading
"There are several steps including tests, an interview, a presentation and a group activity. My tips would be to always be on the ball and treat everyone you meet as if they were interviewing you. Prepare for the interview by being aware of the company, what it does and where/how it does it. Think of the skills needed for the job and relate your experiences to those to show that you have the necessary attributes."
Graduate, Manchester


"Do some research beforehand on RSM. Try to practise some of the tests."
Graduate, Bury St. Edmunds
"The initial application is similar to most other graduate roles. There are online tests and questions on an application form. The assessment centre includes re-testing of the online tests and group work. Candidates only progress to group work if they passed the re-testing of numerical and verbal tests. Following this there are two rounds of interviews. The first is with two managers and the second round is the partner interview."
Graduate, London
"The interview is quite informal and relaxed. It allows the graduates to ask questions throughout and is quite a useful introduction to the office. There are also questions being directly posed to the candidate themselves."
Graduate, Guildford
"Learn the difference between internal audit and external audit and don't get them confused. They are VERY different jobs."
Graduate, London
"Be confident and prepare well for any tests."
Graduate, Guildford
"The application process is fairly straightforward. It starts with an application form and is followed by numerical/verbal tests. Then there's an assessment centre with group and individual exercises and interviews."
Graduate, London


"Find out some background knowledge on the company. Discuss why you want the role and why you are suited to it. Be enthusiastic to study for the AAT."
Graduate, Guildford
"Make sure you are friendly, outgoing and can demonstrate a real desire to work at the company. Make sure you have good presentation skills, for both your ideas and yourself."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"Research of the company and their competitors. Ask yourself why you suit the company and its culture? What can you offer? Thoroughly read the job description and come up with examples of when you have displayed each of the competencies mentioned."
Graduate, Manchester
"Make sure you know the company inside out and read up on technical terms. Be confident and make sure you can listen to others. Practice the competency tests."
Graduate, Stoke
"Ensure that you research the company as they do like to ask specific questions about company services/performance, etc. Be yourself as they want to hire someone with a good personality that fits well into the firm."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Practice the aptitude tests several times with the online practise tests, and be yourself in the interview. The best way to impress is by being open and honest yet professional."
Entry level, Chelmsford
"Know why you want to work in audit and be aware of what it involves, also be sociable and show good interpersonal skills."
Graduate, London
"Practice online and internal tests as this is the area that most candidates fail. Prepare for the interview by researching the company and the division you are applying to. Contact friends who work in the same or similar areas to find out what you would be doing day-to-day."
Graduate, Gatwick/Crawley
"Get up to date with knowledge of the business, and show enthusiasm and interest in the role and the company. Most important thing though is just to be yourself."
Graduate, Newcastle
"You definitely need to research a lot into the company and the specific role you are looking to get. Be confident, chatty and friendly at the interviews, and remember that they are not trying to catch you out with any of their questions, it is mainly to find out if you are the kind of person they would want to work with."
Graduate, Southampton
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