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"Being in the audit department means potentially not seeing other members of the team for prolonged periods of time due to the way jobs might be booked. This means that you may not see or work with some other members of the team for months at a time."
Graduate, Preston
"Tax is challenging and there can be times when you are left to deal with issues independently. This can be daunting."
Graduate, Glasgow
"You spend a lot of time away from the office and other colleagues completing audits independently."
Graduate, London
"The lack of flexible hours and the fact that we're not able to work from home."
Graduate, Swindon
"The work can be stressful during busy periods."
Private Client, Graduate, Basingstoke
"The travel and expectation to work beyond normal working hours."
Graduate, Southampton and surrounding areas.
"The amount of travelling required for the role can take its toll, especially when you're nearing examination periods."
Graduate, Birmingham
"There are times when the workload can get very high. These busy periods are often stressful."
Graduate, Reading


"The job can become stressful at times due to constant deadlines but the company tries to keep this to a minimum and does provide meetings to help talk through any issues."
Graduate, Swindon
"The starting pay is not particularly good and you have to use your own leave for revision for exams."
Entry level, Milton Keynes
"Working hours are rigid and not very flexible."
Graduate, Aberdeen
"Pay could be improved and there's a big cultural divide between lower levels and senior managers."
Graduate, Nottingham
"My department is small so there's a slow promotion structure."
Graduate, City of London
"The office hours."
Graduate, Manchester
"There's a steep learning curve and an expectation to work overtime regularly."
Graduate, Manchester
"It can be hard to maintain a work/life balance in some departments. Others aren't so bad though."
Graduate, Leeds


"The rigidity of the structure."
Graduate, Bury St. Edmunds
"Clients tend to be smaller than those of larger accountancy firms."
Graduate, London
"The social aspect isn't as good as I think it could be. It would be nice to have more rapport with my colleagues."
Graduate, London
"The reputation is not as well known as that of the Big 4 accountancy firms."
Graduate, Guildford
"Due to the location in the north east, many of our clients are all over the place so travelling can often be a hassle."
Graduate, Newcastle


"The amount of travel expected to work on-site at clients. Although I am getting used to it now!"
Graduate, Manchester
"There is a lot of pressure to pass exams."
Graduate, Leeds
"I don't like the amount of travel I have to do to get to clients on a daily basis."
Graduate, Manchester
"Baker Tilly doesn't have as much prestige as working for one of the Big Four."
Graduate, Bury St Edmunds
"For the first few months in my department it was a struggle to find much work to be getting on with."
Graduate, Reading
"I am on an exam based contract which means there is a lot of pressure as if you fail one exam, you lose your job."
"It is hard work combining the practical work of your with all the studying you have to do."
Graduate, Newcastle
"I feel like I haven't had chance to gain much audit experience yet but hopefully that will improve soon as I have only been here three months and have been studying most of that time."
Graduate, Nottingham
"The policy that you are not allowed to resit AAT examinations if you fail."
Graduate, Guildford
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