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"The team, everybody is really supportive no matter how senior they are. Everyone took time out of their day to help me settle in and understand the tasks I was set in my first couple of months here."
Graduate, Leeds
"I think the best thing is the working hours, which I believe are very reasonable. Managers are always willing to let you claim overtime when you have to stay late to finish imminent work. There is a real team atmosphere where everyone is willing to help when you have any questions."
Graduate, Gatwick
"I work with a great team of people who take the time to make you feel welcome and talk through procedures so that there is a clear understanding of what is expected. There are in-depth training courses provided that help you to understand the role more deeply and feel more confident in the work that is being produced. There are great social and networking opportunities as well and plenty of fundraising events for local charities."
Graduate, Preston
"Autonomy. Graduates are encouraged (and expected) to take ownership of their work. How it is done, where it is done and at what pace it is done is up to the auditor."
Graduate, London
"The support in terms of study and practical work. Everyone is open to questions, regardless of how simple or complex."
Entry level, Bury St Edmunds
"There's a great social scene as well as excellent study support."
Private Client, Graduate, Basingstoke
"Working at a variety of different client sites allows me to experience different working environments all the time."
Graduate, Birmingham
"The internal training and support available during professional qualification exams."
Graduate, Aberdeen


"It's a friendly and welcoming environment to work in and a great team to be a part of. There's plenty of scope and opportunities for career development and the company has a good reputation."
Graduate, Swindon
"I received a lot of support from members of staff upon first starting. The variation of the hours and the job itself are very good. I like having a very client-facing role with high responsibility."
Entry level, Milton Keynes
"There's always challenging work and I'm constantly learning."
Graduate, Aberdeen
"It's client focused and we're given plenty of responsibility as well as experience in all sectors. There are also regular social events."
Graduate, Nottingham
"The variation in the type of work and type of clients is something that I have really enjoyed. You are not specialised in particular sectors when you are training so I have been able to gain a wide range of audit experience including listed companies, charities and schools etc. It's a unique opportunity to be able to go into an organisation and learn how they operate."
Graduate, London
"Having friendly colleagues who are easy to get on with and a management team that is very approachable and understanding towards personal needs."
Graduate, Liverpool / Chester
"It's a friendly environment and you're given time to study when you have exams coming up. You're not overworked when you have lots on your plate and people are understanding."
Graduate, London
"Getting support from the company with studying for our professional qualifications. The process is well structured and we have an exam training manager within each office to answer any queries we may have. There is also a considerable number of graduates within the office who are at different stages of their studies, which is very helpful if we have any questions relating to our exams."
Graduate, Reading


"The training available."
Graduate, Bury St. Edmunds
"Good client interaction at junior stages."
Graduate, London
"I work in a small team so I have a lot of direct contact with directors and partners. I've learned so much from working closely with them and it has really helped me to understand what their role entails so I can be better informed to decide if that's what I want for myself. My employer has also paid for all my study materials towards my association of taxation technicians qualification, as well as tutorial classes and helping me to manage my workload during exams."
Graduate, London
"They are the leading accountancy firm for SME (small and medium sized enterprises) companies and have recently expanded. The people are very down-to-earth and take the time to develop graduates."
Graduate, Guildford
"A close-knit team with great support."
Graduate, Guildford
"The variety and range of clients."
Graduate, London
"I am given such a wide variety of jobs to work on as well as the responsibility and freedom to manage my own workload and client list."
Graduate, Bristol


"Very friendly and helpful colleagues and managers. The mix of work is great; I appreciate working on a collection of different firms and gaining a wide range of experience. Also I like travelling to different locations to work, e.g. London for a two week audit."
Graduate, Glasgow
"The level of responsibility on offer. The demanding working environment. And the availability of training courses."
Graduate, Manchester
"You can gain a lot of responsibility quickly which allows you to learn on-the-job and truly understand your role."
Graduate, Stoke
"The atmosphere is very relaxed for a firm in a professional industry, the internal training seems to be better than what I have heard form new recruits at other firms, and you are given the opportunity to challenge yourself from the start."
Graduate, Bury St Edmunds
"The atmosphere in the office. You get to know everyone in your office. Your colleagues are very supportive and help you hit the ground running. There's a strong sense of community in the office."
Graduate, Glasgow
"The best thing about working for Baker Tilly is the support and help you get when you first join and throughout your employment. You always feel like there is someone to help you and never feel stupid for asking questions."
Entry level, Manchester
"The responsibility you can get at a very early stage, (though you have to prove that you warrant it)."
Graduate, Chelmsford
"The opportunities of progression and support from supervisors and managers."
Graduate, Newcastle
"Baker Tilly is a great company to work for. Internal training was provided before I started the AAT, which really helped me gain background knowledge in accounting."
Graduate, Guildford
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