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(based on 23 ratings in 2018)


"There are a number of training courses I have attended. From a variety of audit essential courses covering different areas of the file, to introduction to tax courses and personal development courses. These courses often cover similar material to the professional qualifications so help with studying for these. We are also encouraged to do presentations and develop our soft skills."
Graduate, Aberdeen
"Internal training courses have been great and really helped me get to grips with the requirements of my role. The CF bootcamp in the first week was an exceptional introduction."
Graduate, Leeds
"RSM runs an internal training course near Heathrow that prepares us well for what we study in college for the ACA. As well as this there are always ongoing courses in Excel and other soft skills that you can sign yourself up for."
Graduate, Manchester
"We run regular training courses that can be national or local. These are a good opportunity to meet people from other offices around the UK. The skills taught on these courses are essential for the work that is being performed on the audits that we do and help us to understand the processes that we undertake."
Graduate, Preston
"Training programmes are split between internal courses and professional training. The internal courses place a focus on collaboration, presenting and discussions as a group whereas the professional training will be based on the qualification that you are studying for. Overall, the schedule of training is very good as it's broken down into development blocks and requires you to do more challenging tasks and presentations as you advance in your career."
Graduate, Glasgow
"I regularly go on training courses for a couple days each month on average. I have been on courses to develop skills in analysing turnover, debtors, creditors and social skills. There are also lots of case studies to help us bring all of our skills together and work as a team. All of the skills learned on training are highly transferable to actual audit work."
Graduate, Gatwick
"Studying for the ACA qualification has taught me a significant amount surrounding the profession. Furthermore, the company has offered several internal training courses tailored towards the practical side of the role. Apart from how to tackle the work, these courses have also taught me how to interact with clients and other staff and presentation skills."
Entry level, Bury St Edmunds
"Training is very frequent, informative and applicable to the practical elements of the work. I have attended a number of internal RSM courses that highlight the RSM ways of working and best practices. These events also allow you to socialise with other students from different offices. I have also had study leave for a number of exams provided by an external college."
Graduate, Southampton and surrounding areas.


"There are two training programmes. The first is an internal one run by RSM where you meet with other grads from all of the offices and develop your business knowledge and skills (presentation, interpersonal etc). The second is the training for the ACA qualification, which is run externally through a university. This is where you go to train for your exams."
Graduate, Swindon
"The introductory training for graduates is thorough and there is a broad range of more general training available that can be requested. The department-specific training is less structured as the type of training needed is different from the wider company."
Consulting, Graduate, London
"We have quarterly tax updates to keep us up to date with the new legislation that comes into play. This is helpful and gives us a chance to learn new skills. I also attend college on a fairly regular basis when undertaking my professional qualification. This has helped me to build on existing skills but also learn new things. There are a range of other events and learning opportunities available including soft skills etc."
Graduate, Leeds
"Internal training courses are very well run and organised, although the location can be a bit of pain unless you live in the south. The external training in college for the ACA exams is extremely good. The tutors are excellent and the pace and format of the course is very well suited for the exams."
Graduate, Liverpool / Chester
"We receive brilliant external exam training and internal soft-skill training."
Graduate, City of London
"The national training programme is good but designed more for auditors than for corporate tax."
Graduate, Manchester
"Training takes place in Surrey and is a good experience and chance to meet other RSM employees."
Graduate, London
"The initial training we receive is standard for all new graduates and, as you progress in your job, the training becomes more specialised for your department."
Graduate, Reading


"Overall I'm very pleased. They offer excellent internal courses that further you while also having excellent external providers for the Association of Chartered Accountants."
Graduate, Newcastle
"I've been to Sunningdale and ATT (Association of Taxation Technicians). While the ATT training was a bit slow, it was very satisfactory overall. There's a lot to take in, helping to promote networking and development of tax knowledge."
Graduate, Bury St. Edmunds
"They book you on lots of internal training, which is good. You can also do Excel, Word and PowerPoint courses whenever you want."
Graduate, london
"Both formal training programmes are run by external providers. Internal training is a bit more relaxed."
Graduate, Guildford
"There's a wide range of standard and specialist courses available to choose from to enhance your skills in your field. The course provider for professional training is also good."
Graduate, London
"I have been on many internal training programmes. These have regular technical updates and I am also being put through professional qualifications."
Graduate, Bristol


"The internal training was very useful because I had no background accounting knowledge. The AAT training was interesting, but felt a bit rushed since we had lessons for a week and were then examined within two weeks. There was no option to resit the exam."
Graduate, Guildford
"You get a lot of formal training in the first year, where they ensure you have the basic skills to start doing your job."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"There are various company training courses that I get sent to, this involves travelling to London and staying at a nice hotel. The training is taught by qualified accountants who are excellent trainers."
Graduate, Glasgow
"I have been on three courses which were all four days in length and were a great introductory to the firm and internal audit and were a fantastic opportunity to network."
Graduate, Manchester
"The first six weeks is a steep learning curve, you get on the job experience before you start your exams in the following June."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"I have been to Sunningdale for three courses which were each four days in length which included an introduction to the company, introduction to internal audit and risk advisory and an initial accounting course."
Graduate, Manchester
"Our internal training is excellent, it has been really useful. At my office we study with KAPLAN for our formal training which is also very good."
Graduate, Bury St Edmunds
"Formal training was very good. When I first joined there were a few days out of the office at training to bring me up to speed with some of the unfamiliar work I would come across."
Graduate, Reading
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