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"I met one of the grads at a careers event at university and he spoke highly of the early exposure he was given and the culture of the firm."
Graduate, Leeds
"I like the fact that RSM is more people-orientated and I felt I would be valued as more than just another number."
Graduate, Manchester
"RSM seemed like a great way to start a career within the financial industry as it is a highly respected global firm. RSM cares about its employees and has good opportunities for progression."
Graduate, Preston
"It's a top-tier accountancy firm with graduate study included."
Graduate, London
"The great culture and opportunity to develop. Furthermore, RSM works heavily in the not-for-profit sector so you can, to some extent, give back."
Graduate, Gatwick
"The people I spoke to prior to my application were extremely friendly and I was intrigued by the secondment opportunities advertised on the website."
Graduate, Stoke-on-Trent
"The local office, good pay and great study programme. Also, the company attended a careers fair at my uni and seemed really enthusiastic, which stuck in my mind once I had graduated."
Graduate, Southampton
"The opportunity to work for mid-tier firms allows more variety in your job role. I was also informed by a friend that the RSM training programme was good and accommodating to ensure you achieved the best results in your exams."
Graduate, Southampton and surrounding areas.


"It's a top ten accountancy firm."
Graduate, Leeds
"The fact that it's an international company and therefore comes with many career prospects. It also has a great reputation of being one of the top mid-tier accountancy companies."
Graduate, Swindon
"I think that the RSM website gives a good and accurate description of the job role and RSM seemed to give more responsibility to more junior members of staff, exposing them to different experiences."
Graduate, Leeds
"I applied because they were a respected accountancy firm and, when speaking to people who had worked there previously, they spoke highly of their graduate scheme and the experience they had gained during it. I accepted the offer because I felt that it was the only employer that really tried to understand me during the interview process."
Graduate, London
"I knew someone who worked for the company and they explained what a good place it was to work. It's a well known company with a very good standing within the industry."
Graduate, Liverpool / Chester
"There are plenty of opportunities around the different departments as well as locations."
Graduate, London
"People who already worked for the company had very high praise for the internal culture and the type of audit work that RSM did. A few had been working at other companies before (larger and smaller) and everyone seemed most keen on RSM."
Graduate, London
"The people I met were very friendly and seemed to be great people to work with (and still are). The support with professional qualifications sounded really appealing and the environment was one that I felt I'd enjoy working in."
Graduate, Reading


"It's a large enough firm to gain excellent experience and take advantage of the opportunities available."
Graduate, Newcastle
"Their website promoted individuality."
Graduate, Bury St. Edmunds
"Good online reviews."
Graduate, London
"It was outside of the Big 4."
Graduate, London
"Numerous reasons. Good pay, qualifications, secondments abroad, great culture and so on."
Graduate, Guildford
"Personal recommendation from a friend."
Graduate, London
"At the time that I was applying for graduate roles, many employers required UCAS points gained in a certain way. RSM (Baker Tilly at the time) were just looking for people who had the UCAS points required, regardless of the type of qualification you had done. Many employers have since changed their entry requirements since I was applying but it was the fact that RSM were already different and more accommodating to students from different backgrounds that appealed to me."
Graduate, Bristol


"I chose Baker Tilly because it is different from the other accounting firms out there. It's a community and a place to show off your skills and to develop into a chartered accountant."
Entry level, Manchester
"Baker Tilly are a good company to work for and everyone I met at the interview was really friendly. It seemed like a nice place to work."
Graduate, Guildford
"The friendlier, less robotic atmosphere that I experienced at other companies' assessment centres was the main factor in making my decision."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"I applied here because the firm has a good reputation as a mid tier firm which I believe is the best to train with. You get a wider range of firms to work on and the atmosphere is more relaxed than the Big Four firms."
Graduate, Glasgow
"I chose Baker Tilly because of their reputation and the position that was on offer."
Graduate, Manchester
"I decided to apply to Baker Tilly because it came across as a really friendly place to work when I was looking at their Inside Buzz reviews - they were right!"
Graduate, Bury St Edmunds
"I applied here because the company cares about the individual and actually work their hardest to get you through your training. For me they were the best training firm in the country for accountancy."
Entry level, Chelmsford
"Baker Tilly's position as one of the top mid-tier firms in the country attracted me, as did the fact that it is much smaller and a much different environment/approach to the big four."
Graduate, London
"Baker Tilly weren't too big where I thought you'd just be a number within the company, but they were prestigious enough and had a big enough reputation to make them attractive. Also chatted to staff members at a careers fair and they were down to earth and completely different to the stigma of accountancy being a 'boring' industry."
Graduate, Newcastle
Our 'Inside Buzz' reviews are the comments and views of recent graduate recruits, giving you a view of what it may be like to work for an organisation. Copyright of all TARGETjobs Inside Buzz material lies solely with GTI Media.