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Michela Tassi - Skanska

Michela Tassi

Graduate Utility Engineer

I applied via Skanska website and went through the usual numerical and verbal online tests. I would recommend preparing for those!! Then I had a telephone interview and an assessment day. I think that I got the job because I was myself, I was honest about my strengths and about the areas that I wanted to improve. I chose Skanska for a very simple reason - for me a job has to reflect my own values and Skanska was simply the best match!

Currently, my project is in the pre-construction phase, so my role is to establish a strong relationship with utility companies that are impacted by our works. The ultimate aim is to work with the representatives of the utility companies to reach and agree mitigation for their assets. Some have to be diverted, others have to be lined or monitored. When the project impacts more than 2500 different assets, it is crucial to manage those relationship as close as possible.

I have been on many courses such as SEAT, HSG47 Unit 1 and 4. Moreover, I am a First Aider and a Fire Marshal. For me the most important training that I have received is on mental health. In fact, I am a Mental Health Ambassador and I am working to become a Mental Health First Aider.

The Skanska Graduate scheme involves specific training, projects with other graduates and Training Agreement with Institute of the Civil Engineers. I really enjoyed the first-year project, implementing inclusive design to Skanska projects, and I am looking forward to the second-year project - Digitalisation of the Construction Industry, that will help Skanska reach its aim to have a zero carbon footprint.

What impressed me the most, is how much trust Skanska has in their graduates. For example, I have often chaired meetings with the Utility Company and was able to make some important decisions.
I really enjoy the fact that every day has a new challenge and I have to use every ounce of me to develop the best solution.

The main challenge has been that I didn’t have any previous experience in the Utilities sector. My team was absolutely amazing to guide me and to support me.

I really love working for Skanska because everyone lives by the company values – Care for life, Be better together, Act ethically and transparently and Commit to customer. My manager always says: “It is not a mistake; it is a lesson learnt!”.