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Slaughter and May

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Fatima Harlock


A day in the life of a Trainee (Disputes and Investigations)...

9.00am: I check my emails and calendar. I also update my task list, which I drafted the previous evening.

9:20am: I attend the Disputes and Investigations group meeting. Group meetings are held every two weeks to discuss new matters and legal developments. An associate shares some practical tips on remote hearings. I note these down as they will be useful for an extension of time hearing which I will be attending virtually next week.

9.50am: I join a call with associates, counsel and partners from an international law firm to discuss a claim brought against one of our clients. We also discuss our client’s application to challenge the jurisdiction of the English courts.

11:00am: After the meeting, I circulate a note of the call and a list of action points to the team. I check a couple of queries which arose during the call and discuss these with my supervisor.

11:30pm: I review witness statements and expert reports to draft a note which addresses allegations made against one of our clients, in respect of a claim for damages.

12:30pm: I attend a training presentation delivered by two trainees. Presentations are held every week and are a good way to keep up to date with legal developments. Trainees also receive feedback on their presentation skills from a Partner.

1:00pm: Pre-Covid, I took my lunch break with fellow trainees in the staff restaurant. However, with social distancing in place, I catch up with trainees via Teams.

1:30pm: I continue working on the research note I started earlier this morning, and submit a final draft to my supervisor. He reviews the note and sends a copy to Counsel to assist them prepare skeleton arguments for an upcoming hearing in the High Court.

3:00pm: I work alongside a trainee and paralegal to compile documents and draft indices for a hearing bundle.

5:30pm: I receive a call from an associate, asking me to research the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the oil and gas industry. The associate explains the background and purpose of the research task. I summarise the results of my research in an email.

6:15pm: Before logging off, I send an email to my supervisor to check if the team requires further assistance today. I also update my task list.