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"The free lunches in the office are very good. I also like the frequent free or subsidised nights out and other social events, along with regularly free tickets to sporting events."
Midlevel, Exeter
"Free breakfast/lunch (and occasionally dinner) at work and no pressure to be in early/late to get them. There are plenty of socials and ballots for box tickets at major sports events. There's also a pension scheme that the company matches contributions to up to 5% of pay."
Graduate, Exeter
"Opportunity to attend local sports events and the use of the office AstroTurf is great. Once I have been here a year, I get the opportunity to enter an excellent salary sacrifice scheme for an electric car. There are many social events in and out of the office and, in the six weeks I have been here, I think I've been more active in different and unusual sports than ever before."
Midlevel, Exeter
"The electric car scheme has to be the most impressive perk."
Entry level, Exeter


"Perks include the free lunch, drinks and snacks through the day. There are work socials and tickets to the rugby and football available. Exercise classes in the gym or on the AstroTurf are free for everyone. There is also a pool table, table football and table tennis whenever you need a break."
Content Scientist, Exeter
"We have a gym in the building with exercise classes. There is also an Olympic table tennis table for use in breaks and at lunch, as well as pool, table football and darts. There is also the largest selection of teas I have seen. There are many more perks as well!"
Content Scientist, Exeter
"There are free sports tickets to league and international football and league rugby available. This is alongside many, many dinners and socials."
Sparx Content Scientist, Exeter
"Perks include the free tickets to sporting events, free lunches, and the excellent Christmas and summer parties."
Content Scientist, Exeter
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