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Intern for a tech start-up in Bali

Prepare for the future of work with travel internships in Bali

Do you want to go travelling to fantastic locations this summer? Or do you want to give your future career a boost with an internship? If you don’t want to choose between the two, then Start Me Up’s travel internship programme could be the perfect opportunity for you.

The way people work is changing: developments in technology mean that people located all across the world are able to work together on projects. This has gone hand-in-hand with a huge growth in the number of tech start-ups.

Over Start Me Up’s four- or eight-week internship programmes, you’ll be paired up with a start-up and be able to take full advantage of remote working on the tropical island of Bali. Working for a start-up isn’t just for students and graduates interested in technology or business careers either – Start Me Up has previously placed interns with healthcare, education and design start-ups.

The programme includes a placement with a start-up, accommodation, a sim card, support from expert mentors and membership to a world-class coworking space – Start Me Up will even pick you up from the airport. To find out more about this opportunity, how to apply and about programme costs, click on the links below.

Why Bali?

Bali is the epicentre of a growing community of international start-ups and experienced professionals. Start Me Up and the coworking space is your window into this world, with regular events and guest talks allowing you to build your network and learn vital skills that will help you future-proof your career. You won’t just be working – Balinese culture is unique among the 18,000 islands that make up Indonesia, and you’ll be able to experience life on the island, get to know the Balinese people and explore the island. You’ll also start your internship with a cohort of other interns and you will go on a first-week excursion, which has previously involved a surf trip, a trek or rafting.

Develop skills for the future

Start Me Up’s internship programme offers students and graduates the opportunity to future-proof their careers and equip themselves with crucial skills to weather a fast-changing recruitment landscape. Previous interns have typically learned product development, market research, programming, project management and analysis skills, among others. You’ll also be able to take advantage of access to expert mentors and workshops and events organised by Start Me Up. Previous events have focused on topics such as programming and APIs (application programming interfaces), pitching ideas to the media, data analytics and copywriting.

Not only will you stay on the cutting edge by working with innovative start-ups in a range of industries, but you’ll also develop key soft skills through remote working. Organisation, resilience, discipline and communication are all skills that you’ll hone by remote working – and every employer will be looking for these skills in their graduate hires. Previous interns have gone on to careers at organisations such as Amazon, Goldman Sachs and McKinsey & Company.

How I landed my dream job travelling the world

Recent graduate Amelia Martin worked with a book publishing start-up in Amsterdam through Start Me Up’s start-up internship programme in Bali. She was hired after her four-week internship and within two months of being hired the start-up had doubled her salary. Since she started her new job she’s worked from Indonesia, Australia, Thailand and Cambodia. Amelia tells her story:

‘When I was in my final year of business school I started applying to corporate jobs just like everyone else, so I would have something secured before graduation. However, whenever the inevitable interview questions of ‘why did you apply for this job?’ came up, I often found myself without a substantial answer.

‘I had heard of the idea of digital nomads before and I was interested to explore the lifestyle more while travelling around Asia, but I had no idea how to get a job working remotely. Then I came across Start Me Up and it was the perfect opportunity to test the digital nomad lifestyle.

‘I’m an avid bookworm so it’s been exciting to get experience in the publishing industry and see how possibilities for remote work exist even in the most traditional industries. Through a number of events and coding and entrepreneurship workshops I have been able to see what type of career prospects exist within the world of remote work. I hope I have the opportunity to continue working remotely so I can meet my travel and career goals.’


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