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9.2 / 10

(based on 6 ratings in 2018)


"The bonuses are very generous."
"Our firm pays a wage that is lower than some American firms but is still higher than most of the firms worldwide."
"I can't really complain."


"Good pay and bonuses."
First year trainee, London
"They pay a good wage that's comparable to most of the top-paying US firms."
First year trainee, London
"They offer very competitive salary packages and trainees are awarded an annual bonus of a fixed amount."
Second year trainee, London (currently seconded to Hong Kong)
"The pay here is top of the range."
First year trainee, London
"The pay is excellent. First-year trainees got a very good bonus despite having only been at the firm for about four months at the time."
First year trainee, London


"Market-leading pay and bonuses."
Second year trainee, London
"Top of the market."
Second year trainee, London
"The pay is great!"
First year trainee, London
"S&C is a market leader on pay and bonuses and compensates very well for the work put in."
Second year trainee, Melbourne


"The salary we are paid is at the top of the industry. I have absolutely no complaints."
Second year trainee,
"On top of their salaries, trainees are given a percentage of the first year associate bonus rate."
Second year trainee,
"The pay and bonuses are very generous and up there with anything else in the City."
First year trainee,
"Sullivan & Cromwell offers market-leading pay."
Second year trainee,
"Pay is good, as are bonuses. There is no firm which pays better in London."
First year trainee,


"We are very highly remunerated!"
First year trainee, London
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