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About TARGETrecruit

Who are we?

TARGETrecruit offer several services to early careers employers and also universities. The search team of TARGETrecruit is a graduate search and selection agency, specialising in connecting recent graduates to companies looking to recruit the best talent for permanent roles in the United Kingdom.

What career sectors do we recruit for?

Our strength lies in the fact that we work within specific key career sectors, and as such have superior knowledge on specific career progression opportunities, industry landscapes, training, options and more.  

These industries include

  • Engineering
  • IT
  • Analysis
  • Consulting
  • Science
  • Project management
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Account management
  • Finance
  • Digital

How can we help you succeed?

The companies we work with aren’t just recruiting for people to start Monday – they want a medium to long-term fit person, and as such want the right candidate to grow and progress with them. This means that in addition to meeting graduates with the right technical skills and academics, they want to ensure a match in culture and personality.

That’s why, as your point of contact throughout the recruitment process and interviews, we work closely with you will and give you as much advice as objectively possible to ensure that you can present yourself and your skills in the best possible light.

In instances where some technical testing or even a presentation is required as part of the interview process, we will work closely with you to ensure that you are prepared, able to perform at your best, and represent yourself in the best and most accurate way possible in an interview situation.

Whether you are successful or not in your interview, constructive feedback is hugely important to every candidate. That’s why we aim to provide you with as detailed and meaningful feedback as possible, so that whether you interview again with a company through us (or find a role through another source) you can take away the comments and advice in order to develop your own abilities as a candidate or an employee.

Our measure of success and achievement is fairly simple: having an individual successfully hired by a company, as well as being happy in their new role. We always welcome feedback from candidates and also to like to follow-up with how graduates are enjoying their role and what their achievements have been.

If you’re a relatively recent graduate looking for graduate job vacancy, then take the first step to an exciting new career - simply email us by clicking on the 'find out more about us' button below and let us know your current situation and what you are looking for in their next move, along with a copy of your CV.

We will then contact you with relevant vacancies as and when they appear.

You can also view our current vacancies by clicking-on ‘Graduate jobs/schemes’ in the left-hand banner. 

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