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How did your find your current job?

I found my current job using TARGETrecruit a little while after finishing my masters at King’s College London in theoretical physics. The service I received was very good from the start. I felt they were very informative about the role we discussed and I was kept up to date with how things were progressing at all stages. Interview requests, feedback and decisions were all given quickly.

I successfully applied for a role at a specialty power electronics business in Swindon called Pulse Power & Measurement. I started as an Internal Technical Sales Engineer, and have since gone on to learn a great deal through my time here so far.

Provide a brief outline of your job role

It is a sales role but requires considerable technical knowledge to provide recommendations on specific products for certain applications. The training was very interesting as I learnt about high voltage, power electronics and all the applications of the various speciality electronics products, which I found fascinating. The training has never really stopped! While it took about two or three months to get the hang of all the things I need to do day-to-day, each day there is a new application to learn about, which keeps the job really exciting.

How have you progressed in the role?

After my initial training for the Internal Technical Sales Engineer role, I was able to develop my role to include aspects of account management and product management. I suppose it meant I could develop my skillset further. For example, I was able to look after a couple of customer accounts directly. In terms of product development, I was able to visit labs to help engineers and scientists with our products on site and I also designed some circuit boards for testing high voltage components.

What has been your highlight so far?

One particular project that I’m proud of is where I worked with engineers at a leading UK laboratory to specify power supplies for their magnet system. These power supplies enabled engineers to optimise the feedback and control system and will be used in future upgrades all around the lab. This was particularly interesting to me personally as I learnt a lot about the science that is investigated in the lab and was one of the main drivers in considering a PhD.

How has your overall experience been?

Although I’m now leaving the business to do my PhD, it has been a great two ½ years and I feel I have developed a lot in the time I have worked. I’m certainly grateful to TARGETrecruit for the role they played in me finding this position and would encourage other graduates to speak to them.