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5.8 / 10 Overall Satisfaction
(based on 17 ratings in 2019)
"Versatile, friendly and knowledgeable."
5.6 / 10
Offices & Dress
6.8 / 10
7.8 / 10
7.1 / 10
6.8 / 10
4.7 / 10


  • It’s a very large and well-known company with opportunities to travel.
  • The starting salary is seen as being very competitive in the industry.
  • Job security in the company is considered to be very high by employees.
  • Despite often being long, working hours are very flexible in many roles and departments.


  • Career progression can seem limited due to a top-heavy structure.
  • Some feel the graduate programme is lacking in consistency.
  • Administration in the company can sometimes feel slow.
  • The amount of training and support could be improved.

What insiders say about...

"Read the job description and have something to say about every requirement on it...."

"I have a good team but there is no budgeted social aspect to it."

"There are very good offices in Kensington, London as well as the client site (Three)..."

"The company is usually flexible with hours and tries its best to accommodate your..."

"The starting salary is the standard level of money that a graduate receives in London...."

"We get discounts on Jaguar Land Rovers."

"I was asked about the organisation and what I knew about TCS as well as my experience..."

"It's good. We're encouraged to print less and have eco-friendly coffee cups etc."

"The team I work with is very friendly and hard working and upper management is also..."

"Everything is fine in terms of the diverse nature of people who work in the call..."

"Moving through the ranks is based on experience in the company. After spending a..."

"My work really depends on the day and the urgency of the demand. My role is challenging..."

"The company is very big, which means I have opportunities to try many things. The..."

"There's a top-heavy structure, which limits career progression. Limited budget means..."

"Many corporate companies have dealings with TCS and this is growing day by day."

"A large IT service provider with opportunities in various sectors."

"I liked that it was a consultancy company with options to travel."

"I am happy with the training I have received from the admin team in London and from..."

"Offer more training and support to continue afterwards."

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