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5.3 / 10

(based on 17 ratings in 2019)


"There are lots of opportunities to move up within the organisation as it is so big and there are many departments who are always restructuring every financial year. Plus, there are offices in every country so there is the potential to go abroad too."
Graduate, London
"The more you do and talk to others within the company, the more you get noticed. The more you help people, the more they are likely to recommend you and trust you. I feel very positive about this."
Graduate, Sunderland
"Moving through the ranks is based on experience in the company. After spending a certain amount of time at a certain grade, you become eligible for a promotion to the next one. The difficulty of the work and the responsibilities you take are not reflected in the ranking and remuneration respectively."
Experienced, London
"The company will rarely let you go unless you are really underperforming so TCS has a lot of employees who have never worked anywhere else. The downside to the job security is that you will rarely see promotion or salary hikes of any note and gaining significant promotions takes a long time."
Mid level, London
"There is not much transparency around this topic and I don't really understand what prospects I have for the future even after 12 months."
Graduate, London
"Promotions are available and you can see what skills and knowledge is needed for promotions on the internal learning platform. The more courses you do and more in-depth knowledge of a particular subject you gain, the higher the chance of you getting a promotion to senior-level roles."
Graduate, Coventry
"So far I am not aware how to move up the ranks. This will hopefully become more apparent as I spend more time at my location."
Graduate, Coventry
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