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Interview: Tips & Advice


"It's a quick and simple process with feedback at every stage. Ask as many questions as you can about the role you are applying for. Be open and honest. Find out your manager's management style and get a feel of the office and team you will be working with to see if you will be a good fit."
"Read the job description and have something to say about every requirement on it. I have sat in on a few interviews now and it seems common that applicants come in and can't give basic answers about skills that were on the job description. Saying you have studied a subject but can't provide any background is useless; we can't judge anything from that. If it's on your CV, make sure you can talk enthusiastically about it."
Graduate, Athlone
"The application process for TCS London depends on what department you are applying to. I had one interview where I was also given two writing tasks to complete and a tour of the office. I was then called in again for a second interview with HR before I was given the job. I'd recommend researching not just TCS but the Tata Group as a whole. It's fairly media shy but is a hugely influential and impressive conglomerate with interests in almost every sector. It pays off to show you know who you'll be working for."
Mid level, London
"Learn about the company, its values, current projects and the client that you will be joining."
Graduate, Maidenhead (Client Site)
"The application process was straightforward. My tips for candidates would be to research the company, write down key facts about the organisation and mention them in the interview. Remain calm and don't pretend you know something if you don't."
Graduate, Coventry
"Explain what skills and experience you have. Show interest in the role and learn a bit about what the role would involve and what you hope to learn while you are doing it."
Graduate, Coventry
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