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Relations with Management

5.6 / 10

(based on 18 ratings in 2019)


"I would like more regular contact with management, weekly meetings for instance."
Graduate, Sunderland
"I have contact with a lot of managers with different roles and sometimes they will want me to focus on different areas. I have no issues with contacting them and can usually can get replies within the working day. However, outreach from managers is fairly low."
Graduate, Athlone
"The team I work with is very friendly and hard working and upper management is also usually friendly. Not all teams are, however."
Mid level, London
"Everyone is very supportive of me and my development."
Mid level, Rotherham/ Liverpool & London
"Managers are not really accessible as they are so busy. I have not got a mentor, nor do I have a time when I get to sit with my manager to discuss what I am doing and my aspirations for getting into other roles and taking on more responsibilities."
Graduate, Maidenhead (Client Site)
"Whenever I have faced any issues or difficulties at work, my manager has really helped me to resolve the dilemma. If it's not something my manager can help with, he always points me in the right direction. When I have had to be in touch with HR, the admin head, or an HSE officer based at a different location, I have always had a quick response and they have always helped me out to the best of their ability. I feel my work has been recognised and praised and I have received very positive feedback from both my direct manager and from other associates from different locations."
Graduate, Warrington, UK
"This is a major downside of the company. A manager may be managing over 100 employees so it is hard for them to mentor you or give you recognition. You will get an annual review that is done online and you may sometimes chat to them. However, if there is an important issue, you can schedule a meeting with your manager."
Graduate, Coventry
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