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Satisfaction with Work

5.7 / 10

(based on 18 ratings in 2019)


"On a day-to-day basis, I will normally go through my emails and see if there is any work or chasing up from the day before and there will then be emails and meetings throughout the day that will dictate what I will be doing, which I enjoy as it means that something new could be happening every day."
Graduate, London
"I'm happy with my responsibilities. However, I go far beyond my actual job title and the majority of my work now no longer aligns with it."
"I've had a very much up and down experience with workflow. Sometimes you have plenty to do and, at other times, you're stuck waiting on other teams before you can do anything."
Graduate, Athlone
"As a creative writer, I carry out a wide variety of tasks from proofreading to speech writing and managing the various internal publications. As such, the role remains fairly fresh and dynamic, even though it is not always particularly challenging."
Mid level, London
"My work really depends on the day and the urgency of the demand. My role is challenging and often requires me to step out of my comfort zone, which I enjoy very much. I have the opportunity to interact with junior, as well as very senior, employees in both my company and on my client's site, where I am based for a few days a week. Due to that, I have a great opportunity to learn and absorb knowledge from a real-life environment."
Graduate, London
"I was initially assigned a data entry role (looking at photos and specifying what's in the photo) but I was also assigned some MI reporting and PMO work (admin duties). This broke up the monotony of the data entry."
Entry level, Warwick
"I've been very satisfied. I get tasks assigned by my mentor such as fulfilling product owners requests and troubleshooting issues."
Graduate, Coventry
"I carry out daily tasks and offer support on projects as and when they present themselves. Sometimes there is little to do on a daily basis but I am busy overall and try to learn wherever I can."
Graduate, London
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