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4.7 / 10

(based on 18 ratings in 2019)


"There's a three-day induction and you can enrol onto the vast number of courses available on TCS training websites and workshops they hold."
Graduate, London
"I haven't really received any training and the induction was unnecessarily long."
"Internal courses are hit and miss. Key skills that really should have been taught at the start were skipped so you may struggle if you are lacking in experience."
Graduate, Athlone
"I was given the opportunity to take on courses in a number of places in London that were paid for by the company. This was actively encouraged as part of the mantra of always learning and improving and was good to have."
Mid level, London
"Most of the training is done online by completing virtual tutorials. I didn't have any training when stepping into my role."
Graduate, London
"I am happy with the training I have received from the admin team in London and from the vetting team in Barnwood. I have also received training from the HSE officer in London."
Graduate, Warrington, UK
"There are some basic courses on the company's internal systems including health and safety and GDPR etc. Being client based, we cannot access training as easily as office-based TCS employees. Certificates and courses are run on Indian time so the online lecture may be from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm on a Tuesday. We cannot train on clients' time, so I have been unable to sign up for any certifications that would actually further my prospects."
Entry level, Warwick
"TSC gives you very basic initial training that you will know 90% of if you have completed an IT-related degree. I'm guessing it was tailored more to graduates without an IT background. Other training is independent but they have resources to learn from online in their training portal 'Ultimatix'."
Graduate, Coventry
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