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Graduate English Teacher

Hi, I'm Amy and joined Teach English In China's TEFL Training Programme in 2017, after graduating in the same year.

I chose to go with Teach English In China because of their experience and expertise and the fact that they took my teaching and living preferences seriously, meaning I got to live in Beijing! Applying for the role was really simple and I had a skype interview before finding out I had been successful! Throughout the visa application, Teach English In China were so helpful and knowledgable, which made the process much less stressful! They also ran an Orientation Day in London before we went to China which was such a great way to meet other people who were going and meant that I already knew people when I arrived.

As part of the programme, I did a 60 hour online TEFL course pre-departure, and then 2 weeks at a TEFL Training Course in Beijing. The training meant that I was well prepared for teaching and I had access to loads of teaching materials. Teach English In China stayed in touch with me throughout the year, to make sure that I was enjoying my time in China.

In my school in Beijing, I planned two lessons a week and taught 14 classes, meaning that I had plenty of spare time to explore Beijing. I had office space in my school and worked with my Chinese colleagues and other foreign teachers to share ideas and get feedback on my lesson plans and teaching style. I really enjoyed teaching the Chinese students and getting to know them. I found it really rewarding when my quieter students started participating more and when I was able to see an improvement in their language skills. The role taught me a lot about managing people and really helped me to develop my interpersonal skills and cultural awareness.

An amazing benefit of the programme was the amount of time I had to travel and how easy it was to save money. The cost of living in China is far less than in the UK, so my salary went much further! I had quite a lot of spare time in the week which I used to study Mandarin, which I loved doing! Also, I had over a month of paid leave for Chinese New Year and was able to explore a lot of China and Vietnam. I also travelled at weekends and after finishing my placement to places like Indonesia and Japan... and I came home with savings!